Flat Belly Workout for a Perfect Core

By Top.me

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What do pilates, yoga and ballet have in common? They all have great exercises to create a flat, toned core. Meet the best and most efficient routines in one fusion workout to strengthen your core and create sexy abs.Do this routine one or two times per week or just incorporate it after your cardio. 

Repeat 12-15 reps of each exercise. Repeat the entire circuit 2-3 times.

Standing Roll Down Plie

Standing Roll Down Plie Roll Down Plie

  1. Stand with heels pressed together, toes slightly turned out, inner thighs squeezed together, and abs braced in tight. Extend arms overhead by ears, palms facing away from body.
  2. Slowly roll down through spine, as if rolling down off of a wall, drawing abs in deeper to spine until fingertips are touching the floor.
  3. Bend knees out over toes, lifting heels off the floor and dropping hips down to the floor, lifting chest.
  4. Extend legs and reverse the motion to return to starting position.
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Bird Dog

Bird Dog

  1. Stand on all fours, reach your right arm forward at ear level and extend your left leg straight back at hip height. Imagine that you are balancing a cup of water on your lower back and another on your upper back between your shoulder blades.
  2. Brace your core and hold for 15-30 seconds (don’t forget to breathe). Return your arm and leg to the floor, then repeat on the opposite side. That’s one rep.
  3. Do 12-15 reps.
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Half Roll Down

Half Roll Down Pilates

  1. Hold behind the back of your thighs, curl your chin toward your chest and come up to a seated position. Sit tall.
  2. curl your chin toward your chest then tuck your tailbone to make a C-Curve.
  3. Inhale, roll back towards the mat until your arms go straight or you feel like you’re going to fall and then hold that.
  4. Then exhale, come forward, bringing your head right back toward your knees.
  5. Repeat again. Inhale as you round back, then exhale as you come forward.
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Mermaid with Twist

Mermaid with Twist

  1. Sit on your left hip with your left leg flat on the floor, knee bent 90 degrees, and your left palm on the floor. Bend your right knee toward the ceiling and place your right foot flat on the floor in front of your left foot; rest your right arm on your right knee.
  2. Shift your weight onto your left arm and straighten both legs to raise your hips toward the ceiling while extending your right arm directly over your head.
  3. From this position, twist your torso down and to the left, reaching your right arm underneath your body. Reverse the movement to return to the starting position. That’s one rep. Finish all reps on that side, then switch sides and repeat.
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Knee to Nose Plank

You can stand on your knees instead of plank if it’s hard for you.

Knee to Nose

  1. Stand on all fours and arch your back.
  2. Inhale as you use your lower abs to pull your right knee toward your nose.
  3. Exhale, extending the leg straight back and lifting your head forward.
  4. Do 12-15 reps, then switch legs and repeat.

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