20-Minute Full-Body Exercise Ball Workout

By Top.me

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Tone up and slim down with these six easy moves. All you need is an exercise ball and 20 minutes of your time.


Exercise Ball Workout

When it comes to fitness equipment, there’s little that works your whole body better than the exercise ball. Staying on the ball engages all your muscles, which builds core strength and improves stability.

Do this exercise ball workout three times a week.

1) Triceps Dips

Triceps dip illo

Sit on a workout bench with your hands placed on the edge, fingers pointing forward. Rest your calves and ankles on top of an exercise ball. Straighten your arms to lift your hips off the bench. Bend your arms to lower your body, then straighten them to the starting position.

Repeat 15 times.

2) Ab Crunch

Lower-ab crunch illo