Three Ways You Can Improve Your Sports Performance


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Playing sports is one of the easiest ways to naturally boost your endorphin levels. Having high levels of endorphins can trigger a happy and positive response in the brain which, overall, makes you feel more energized.

Many people have used this pandemic to their advantage by turning their extra free time into an opportunity to focus on their health. The coronavirus crisis caused a shift towards ‘at-home workouts’ with many people buying their own gym equipment and following online classes. If you too have caught the exercise bug, and you now wish to increase your athletic abilities, here are three ways that you can boost your sports performance.

Change Up Your Workouts

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When you begin to work out consistently your body grows stronger and fitter. Therefore, you will be more used to your workout routine and it will no longer have the same effect on your body. The more you practice something, the easier it gets, and the body is no different. For this reason, it is important to keep changing up your workout routine.

Most personal trainers recommend switching up the intensity of your routines every four to six weeks. It doesn’t always have to be a greater intensity; you could also choose to switch up the type of exercise you do, or the time spent doing these exercises. It’s as simple as adding a few extra reps or a new move.

Track Your Progress

There is no way to know if you are improving, if you aren’t tracking your progress in the first place. If you know how much exercise you have been doing, this can motivate you to give your body that extra push.

There are many fitness tracking devices that you can invest in, like Fitbits or Apple watches, that help track performance. If you aren’t looking to splurge, then why not keep a journal and write notes. This will help you compare how you are keeping up with your weekly workouts. You could even record yourself every month and look for any differences.  

Get Proper Equipment

When talking about gym or sports equipment, the first things that spring to mind are items like treadmills, weights, or resistance bands. However, there are an array of other accessories and items that can equally help you improve your sports performance.

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Having the right pair of running shoes can help you improve your running efficiency. Lightweight shoes can reduce the amount of energy you use to run and seemingly increase your speed. Similarly, a pair of prescription glasses for sports can help you maintain a clear vision whilst competing on the field.  

Overall, there are many ways that you can choose to improve your sports performance. The main method is through vicarious motivation and dedication. Increased performance in the field of exercise and sports will not be noticed in a day or even in a week. This is a steady progression that you will notice after several months of commitment. Don’t give up, you can do this.