Ten Things to Know When Dating an Athletic Girl

By Top.me

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1. She’s not keeping in shape for you. She does it for herself, you’re just lucky to reap the benefits.

exercise animated GIF

2. She eats a lot of healthy stuff. Better not to make any jokes about it. It’s hard work.

Eating Girl

3. Don’t tell her “you have too many muscles”. Better go find another girl if that’s what you’re into.

Shooting Girl

4. Chances she’s wearing a sports bra at any time are high. And it’s not that she doesn’t like to dress smartly.

Beautiful Girls

5. The best way for her to release stress is to go work it out. Especially if the reason is you.

Boxing Girl

6. Don’t interrupt her when she’s watching some sports game. 

Girl Watching TV

7. Her sneaker obsession is going to be impressive, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to love heels. Don’t come between a woman and her shoes ever, but especially with an athletic girl. Let her have both.


8. If you can massage well you are her best friend forever.

Cat Making Massage

9. She can set the alarm clock for 5am  just to have an early run.

Sleepy Cat

10. Even her rest days she spends in a healthy way.

Working out Cat