Surprising Things You’re Doing That Make PMS Worse


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Are you having trouble sleeping?  Are you eating poorly?  Are you crying over something small?

PMS sucks, most women, 80% of women experience symptoms from cramps to bloating to headaches, to anxiety and mood swings.

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But it turns out that you might be making yourself feel worse!

There could be a physiological reason why you’re feeling this way.  Your hormones can make you feel different ways during your cycle, and luckily there are some things that you can do to make your PMS be the best that it can be so you can always feel like yourself.

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  1. Not getting enough sleep.  If you’re not getting enough sleep you can have even worse stress and anxiety, in addition to brain fog.  When you don’t sleep, you can’t produce the necessary hormones that help to stabilize health.  And when you don’t sleep, your emotions will be on more of a rollercoaster.
  2. Stressed out!  When you’re under a lot of stress, you’re more likely to experience worse PMS symptoms.  Stress makes conditions like irritability and anxiety less manageable and can even cause weight gain or weight loss.  Emotional aches will bother you more when you’re stressed.
  3. Not enough Vitamin D.  When you’re not getting enough vitamin D, this can make you have more cramps and fatigue during that time of the month.  Vitamin D is important to helping your heart to contract properly and so without it, it leads to less blood flow which can increase cramping.
  4. Getting that smoke break in.  When you smoke, it can actually affect your hormone levels which can then cause you to have worsened PMS symptoms.  Even just one cigarette can cause this effect.
  5. All of the alcohol.  When you drink too much it can lead to dehydration and bloating which will then make your PMS symptoms much worse.  Alcohol can increase levels of estrogen-disrupting hormones so try only having one or fewer drinks each day.
  6. Could you have an STI?  If you have a sexually transmitted infection like HPV, herpes, or chlamydia, women are likely to have worse PMS symptoms and might be the body’s natural response to trying to fight these infections.
  7. Eating poorly.  When you eat processed foods or other high sodium foods, you might have more bloating and constipation during PMS.
  8. COFFEE.  When you have too much caffeine it can decrease the blood flow to the organs.  This then can make you feel bloated and also with not enough blood in your heart, your heart rate can get higher and then you might feel more anxious.
  9. All of the Anxiety.  When you have all kinds of anxiety your hormones become imbalanced and this is what can make you feel more gloomy, your anxiety might become even worse during that time of the month

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Luckily there is now a solution for the emotional side of PMS.  There’s a new oxaloacetate (OAA) supplement that helps with the stresses, anxieties, irritabilities, and gloominess of PMS.  The supplement is called Jubilance for PMS and is clinically tested and doctor-approved.  With thousands of women taking the supplement, this is the new easy and ideal solution for feeling your best during PMS.