20 Creative Writing Ideas Which Won’t Make You Feel Stuck

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Studying is one of the most interesting things to do because it involves the discovering of new things. However, it can be hectic and time-consuming if the right planning is not done.

The following writing prompts are of great help to learners because they make the learning process an easy one. If you can’t choose the topic in this case experts at https://customessayorder.com/ will help to find an idea with the topic.

1. Fantasy Writing Prompts

This kind of prompts enables the writer to think of ideas that could have happened in their life and the changes that they could have brought. This kind of writing would enhance the thinking capacity of the student. An example is the case of a child who wishes to meet rich parents to adopt him or her.

2. Fiction Writing Prompts

This kinds of prompts allow the writer to think of things that cannot happen in real life. It advantageous in that leads to students thinking beyond the normal things in life that they are used to hence enhancing their minds. Writing about being the flash is a good example.

3. Narrative Writing Prompts

These are prompts that enhance the creativity of a student. An example is writing about a couple that thought they would never live in poverty.  A lot of narrative examples you can meet at https://edujungles.com/.

4. Writing Prompts for Middle School

Middle school students have the same level of thinking and, therefore, they kind of prompts that they can write about should be within their thinking capacities. Such prompts will prepare them for complex topics in the learning years ahead of them. They can write about one thing that they would live to cherish about their life.

5. Writing Prompts for High School

This kind of prompts would require complex topics since the students thinking capacity has advanced. They can write about a beautiful house that is not what it seems to be by describing the secrets that it holds.

6. First-grade Writing Prompts    

The writing prompts for this students are easy and helpful in introducing them to the world of writing. They can be asked to describe their favorite meal.      

7. Second-grade Writing Prompts   

As well, these prompts to enhance the thinking of a student in this level. The fear of spiders is a good choice of topic.

8. Third-grade Writing Prompts 

This kind of prompts has a common characteristic in that every student in 3rd grade should be able to write them. An example is the first day in school   

9. Object Description

According to this prompt, the writer will choose an option from the room and describe its features. It’s advantageous in that it incorporates a person’s visual abilities into critical analysis.

10. Early Memories of Faith

This prompt requires a person to write the experiences that they had about faith while young. It will trigger their childhood memories and, therefore, the deep thinking will enhance their critical analysis abilities.

11. Childhood Experience Prompt

What are some of the childhood experiences that have shaped the lady that the character has become? This will enhance the critical analysis ability of the learner.

12. Love Prompt

From the moment I saw her smile, I knew it was her. The student will focus on appreciation. Hence, they will be forced to think about positive ideas.

13. Charity Writing Prompt

A person gives charity to a children’s home every month. Why does she do it? This will enable the learner to put themselves in the shoes of the character to come up with ideas.

14. Babysitter Writing Prompt

You will write about a babysitter who was snooping around the bosses’ house and discovered something disturbing hidden in the bedroom. This prompt will enable the writer to be creative by imagining the impacts of such a situation in a real-life situation. They will use the voice of the babysitter.

15. A Blind Date

The character will go on a blind date. The writer will brainstorm across various ideas of what could happen on that date.

16. Spying Writing Prompt

The character suspects that their wife is having an affair with someone else and decides to spy on them. However, he discovers the unexpected. This prompt will enable the writer to think across several ideas and enhance their thinking capacity.

17. Marijuana Writing Prompt

In this prompt, the character losses their job only to get home and realize that the son has a marijuana plantation in their garden. The story will have two sides. Joining the son to sell the drug or advising him against it. Therefore, the write will have a variety of ideas to choose from hence making it easy for them to story that they can outline well.  However, such kind of prompts can result in a dilemma on what side of the story to focus on.

18. Illegal Act Writing Prompt

In this prompt, your character will be offered money to deliver a package to a certain destination by a stranger. The aim of the prompt will be to enhance the thinking capacity of an individual because it is a one-sided story that has to be written in that direction. If the character refuses the money, then there will be no story. Such topics require a student to have wide thinking due to the lack of options.

19. Robbery Writing Prompt

The writer will give the story of a robbery that took place in a bank. Robbery is a common thing that happens in today life. Hence, the write will find it easy to brainstorm across various ideas.

20. Regret Writing Prompt

The prompt is about a character who wishes that they had listened to their instincts that days. It will help the writer to focus on various ideas of what happened and what should not have happened.

Writing prompts require a lot of critical thinking to come up with a good story.