4 Must Have if You Are Going to Take up Horse Riding

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Horse riding is quickly becoming a very popular sport, with the ability to get a full body workout in a short space of time.

One thing you will note is that, horse riding can be quite an expensive sport. This is because, you will need so much more in terms of preparing for it since you cannot just hope on a horse and start riding it. That is why it is important to get all that you will need for this exciting sport so that you can have fun while ensuring safety as well.

As a beginner, you should not shy away from horse riding because be sure that along the way, you will fall in love with the sport. Therefore, this article will give you all the right insights that you need to prepare for equestrianism.

A close up picture of a young girl and a horse

Here is a list of the important things you will need before going on a horse ride.

1. Helmet

A helmet is among the most critical apparels that you should have before you can jump on a horse. Horse riding is quite a demanding sport therefore, get the right type of helmet for it. Helmets such as a bike helmet or a skating helmet will not come in handy for you during a horse-riding sport.

If you are unsure of the type of helmet to use, then it would be best to consult your coach or an expert who will guide you on the right kind of helmet to use. It is also important to either buy a new one rather than a second-hand one.

2. Safety Vest

The work of a safety vest is to protect your chest and other important body organs from fall and other forms of injury. It is common for falls to occur during horse riding and in such events, you may fall on dangerous objects that will pose serious injuries.

Until you learn how to control and maintain balance, be ready for multiple falls during the rides. There are important aspects you should pay attention to when purchasing or getting a vest. One of these is getting one that has shock absorbing qualities.

3. Riding Pants

Riding boots have numerous synonyms such as riding tights, riding jeans, breeches and many others. The most ideal type of pants to use is those that have no seems on the sides. This will help prevent any tears that may occur during the sporting event.

It is also important to get a comfortable pair of boots that will keep you safe on the saddle. If you are an old hand at this and have comfortable pants on, you will be able to show off different styles that you have learnt overtime.

4. Gloves

It is an important horse-riding apparel that will help you with balance and controlling friction. When horse riding, it can be a bit uncomfortable because the straps are either made of rubber or leather; which can be a bit uncomfortable on your hands.

Additionally, your hands will sweat which will prevent you from riding smoothly. There are gloves that are specifically designed for this purpose which are made of sticky material that will serve you effectively. Ideally, all you ought to look out for is gloves that will fit you perfectly and not appear to be bulky.

5. Riding Boots

Lastly, this is one of the most important apparels for horse riding. They are mainly made of leather and are tall so that they can protect your legs from being hurt by the horse as you ride.

A close picture of black leather riding boots on a girl

There are different types of riding boots in the market and you should take your time to select the most ideal one. For instance, those that are made of rubber are the most comfortable but they are not as durable as those made of leather.

You can also get waterproof boots that will protect your feet from getting wet in case you have to ride in the rain.

To Sum Up

Just like most sports, you will need to get protective gears before taking up horse riding. With the above information, be sure to have a safe horse ride adventure.