9 Benefits Of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

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Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for stress and anxiety. Often, this psychological treatment is performed before a medical procedure like a biopsy.

Also, hypnotherapy is used in pain control. One type of hypnotherapy is the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), a useful tool to achieve transformation, enabling an individual to change beliefs and perceptions deeply rooted in one’s behavior and personality. Learn more about the benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis by reading below. 

What Is QHHT? 

Therapist using pendulum to make Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Dolores Cannon is the proponent of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Quantum healing hypnosis is a unique hypnotherapy modality wherein the client accesses his subconscious or “Higher Self” to unlock the answers to one’s life purpose and attain physical healing. 

Like regular hypnotherapy, the client is asked to lie down and become comfortable. During QHHT, the practitioner takes the client to the somnambulistic state or the highest level of trance. The practitioner will ask questions, use visualization, and implement deepening techniques to bring the client to a more relaxed state of mind.  

Now that you know what QHHT is, it’s time to learn its benefits.

9 Benefits Of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

1. Reprograms Your Mind 

Often, the mind doubts or thinks twice because of different forces saying different things, making decision-making quite difficult. While you try to do all means to instill affirmations to change the way your brain thinks, will power alone seems inadequate to achieve the inner peace and transformation you want for yourself. 

It’s a good thing that QHHT is now widely practiced, helping people reprogram their minds by: 

  • Integrating The Conscious And Subconscious: With QHHT, this hypnotherapy modality allows your conscious mind to connect and be one with your subconscious.  
  • Covers The Root Causes Of Inappropriate Behavior: People get jealous, feel angry, and instill hatred. The QHHT is an effective way to uncover the root causes of negative feelings and thoughts. The practitioner will be asking questions to explore your subconscious and determine your past life.  

2. Promotes More Prosperous Relationships 

A man and a woman who had several encounters with the past and are currently living together as a married couple can benefit from a more prosperous relationship through QHHT.  

The QHHT advocates and practitioners firmly believe that a person’s subconscious journey is guarded by God, the angels, spirits, and other supernatural beings. They allow the client to see several periods in his past life to determine the root cause of anger, hatred, jealousy, and even unexplained happiness. In this way, people can establish and grow better interpersonal relationships.  

3. Finds Answers to Long-Time Questions 

During a QHHT session, clients respond differently. Some would hear voices, while others see images. These things will be interpreted in the latter part of the session by asking the client to provide his interpretation of those visualizations and voices.  

The two parts of QHHT to help clients find answers to their life questions include the following: 

  • Past Life Regression: The QHHT practitioner asks questions to gain access to the client’s subconscious and help resolve his mental faculty’s troubles. Past life regression refers to an integrated process, taking the client to the deepest conscious levels. The person is reverted or brought back to a past life. Single or multiple lives can be explored during one QHHT session. 
  • Higher Self Communication: Your Higher Self will manifest through verbal or non-verbal communication. The QHHT practitioner’s job is to facilitate your connection with your Higher Self regardless of how it manifests. 

4. Determines the Meaning of Dreams 

A quantum healing hypnosis helps people determine the meaning of their dreams. There could be numbers, symbols, names, and characters that matter to the person in a dream. The practitioner will ask the patient to explore his thoughts and emotions while thinking about that specific symbol or event in his dream.  

Here are the benefits of unlocking or giving meanings to your dreams: 

  • Releases negative energy 
  • Provides peace of mind 
  • Increases self-confidence  
  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Promotes better sleep 

5. Brings You to a Different World or Reality 

A 3d projection of man exposed to a blue light

The mind is so powerful that it can go through different worlds in various time zones. Quantum healing hypnosis brings your mind to a different world or reality so that you can take better control of your existing reality.  

Take a look at these examples that patients experience during hypnosis affecting reality perception:  

  • Visiting a mystical world and dealing with mystical creatures  
  • Communicating with aliens and supernatural beings  
  • Connecting with deceased loved ones  

6. Trauma Recovery 

The past life regression of QHHT helps clean trauma. A person can let go of past traumatic life experiences in a QHHT session for complete recovery. 

7. Relief From Psychological Symptoms 

Emotional and mental symptoms include fear, stress, anxiety, and phobias. After a past life regression, these negative psychological symptoms go away without recurrence. The QHHT experience removes barriers to inner peace, and the challenges in life serve as lessons to learn. 

8. Become More Sensitive to Other’s Needs 

The QHHT is an effective way to increase your deeper understanding of universal love. In this way, you can love yourself better and other people too. Create healthier relationship patterns, avoid physical violence, and verbal abuse by identifying the root causes of unwanted behavior.  

People learn to forgive others who wronged them. Also, you’ll learn to forgive yourself and deal with transgressions in your past lives. 

9. Overcome Fear of Death 

A young woman is doing QHHT to overcome her fears

Many people are afraid of death. Losing a loved one can turn a person’s life 360 degrees, causing loneliness, sadness, and depression. Some people cannot go through the process of surpassing anger and depression in the five stages of grief, described by Elizabeth Kubler Ross. 

With QHHT, people realize their purpose and dissolve their fear of death. This hypnotherapy can help patients release helpless feelings from losing their loved ones. 

The Quantum healing hypnosis technique (QHHT) is beneficial to a person’s mind and body healing process. It involves past life regression and communication with the “Higher Self” in a trance state.

The QHHT can reprogram your mind, allowing you to change negative behavior and address problems by determining the source. This form of hypnotherapy enables you to heal yourself inside out by changing unwanted behavior and lifestyle, reducing stress, anxiety, trauma, pain, and depression for a healthier you.