Can’t Cook? Here Are 10 Books for People Like You


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Food is what keeps us alive. Cooking often seems like an impossible ordeal, especially if one’s inexperienced. However, there are many benefits to learning at least the basics of cooking. Home cooked meals are healthier, cheaper, and tastier.

1. The I Hate to Cook Book

This book originally dates back to 1960. However, the original author’sdaughter recently published an updatededition. It offers easy-to-makerecipes, perfectly suitable for beginners. This cookbook also offers delicious-looking illustrations that will make readers drool.

2. The Starving Students’ Cookbook

Everyone knows how challenging student life can be. Students don’t have access to a lot of appliances, making things much harder for them. This book shows innovative cooking methods that don’t entail state-of-the-art equipment. It’s full of cheap recipes that require only a handful of ingredients.

3. The Can’t Cook Book: 100+ Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified

This book is one of the most popular cookbooks out there. Jessica Seinfeld wrote this book with hopes of making healthy cooking easy. It focuses on quick meals that are easy to make, yet stil,l have a great nutritional value. Who says healthyhas to be hard?

4. How to Cook Without a Book: Recipes and Techniques Every Cook Should Know by Heart

Pam Anderson introduced a creative approach to cooking. She hopes to teach readers to cook without the need for a recipe. This book shows various techniques that can be expanded and applied to more than one dish. Learning these basic skills would turn any beginner into a great cook.

5. My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah Hart is a popular YouTuber, famous for her “Drunk Kitchen” series. This is not your plain cookbook. It’s fun, engaging, and light-hearted. It’s perfect for novices looking to have fun while learning. Hannah offers various food recipes, life stories, as well as tasty cocktail recipes. 

6. Microwave Cooking for One

This book proves that one doesn’t need a thousand appliances and tools to make tasty food. Even a good old microwave will suffice. This helpful cookbook features delicious recipes cooked in a microwave. It’s especially useful for students or anyone who doesn’t have access to more advanced equipment.

7. How to Cook Everything: The Basics

Mark Bittman dedicated this book to beginners. It contains simplified recipes and step-by-step guides. The instructions are very easy to follow, making it a favorite among novices. The book also has helpful illustrations that will help readers visualize the recipes. 

8. Five Ingredient Cookbook

Beginners are often intimidated by long lists of ingredients that most recipes require. That deters them from learning and developing their skills. Thanks to this book, readers will learn to cook 60 delicious meals that consist of onlyfive ingredients each. This amazing book will save them a lot of time and money. 

9. Hot Mess Kitchen

This is a very unique, straight-forward book. It has the most creative recipe names such as “All My Friends Are Married Mud Pie.” The author wanted to show that not being perfect is okay and that there’s always room for improvement. “Hot Mess Kitchen” is for people who aren’t scared to admit they lack cooking skills. The recipes are delicious, and readers will feel less guilty for not knowing how to cook.

10. Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day

This book shows the true essence of cooking. Not everything is about premium ingredients and high-quality equipment. Having great skills is the most significant factor. Leanne Brown shows readers how they can cook amazing food for only $4. A tight budget won’t be an issue anymore thanks to this book.

Cooking isn’t impossible, after all. All you need is a bit of time to read some of these books and some effort to try the recipes. You’ll be thrilled to see how easy it is to cook just by knowing the basics. Cooking your meals is a much healthier and less expensive alternative.

Most of the books described above can be found online. Bear in mind that some might not be accessible due to geo-location restrictions. To avoid such restrictions, here’s a quick tip. You can install a VPN, which will allow you to access these cookbooks with ease.