Change Your Home, Change Your Health: Tips to a Healthier Living Space


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Diet and exercise are often at the top of the list of changes to make when it comes to improving your health. Though these things matter immensely, what is often overlooked is the impact your living environment can have on your health. You spend a great deal of time at home and the cleanliness and safety of it can have an effect on your physical and mental well-being.

From respiratory issues and catching a cold or the flu to heightened stress and depression, a home that isn’t well-maintained can lead to a plethora of problems. If you’ve noticed a decline in your health or simply want to improve your quality of life, start by changing your home with these tips listed below:

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Homes are filled with things that can increase your chances of getting sick or injured. From dust, dirt, and pet dander to bacteria and germs, you want to try to reduce their presence in your place. Regularly cleaning your house is the best way to accomplish this. As it can be difficult to clean up every day when you have a busy schedule, creating a cleaning schedule can make things easier. Write down all the household chores that need to be done and decide which days of the week are best to complete them. For example, if you have carpets, vacuuming them at least twice a week is ideal to keep them from getting dirty. So, perhaps you vacuum on Mondays and again on Fridays. 

Periodically Purge

Too much clutter in the home creates opportunities for someone to get hurt. Not to mention, lots of clutter can dampen your mood or add to your stress. To create a healthy home it is, therefore, ideal to periodically purge the entire house. By getting rid of things you don’t have a need for any more you reduce spaces for pests to stow away, you keep your home clear of tripping hazards, and you improve the overall appearance of your home (which is a real mood-booster). Once you’ve gathered what you don’t need, host a yard sale or donate things to charity to free up space.

Get an Air Purifier

The air you breathe in the home is likely a lot less contaminated than the air outside, but it can still become a problem. When dust, pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants accumulate, they begin to worsen the air quality. For anyone in the home that suffers from upper respiratory issues like asthma or allergies, this can cause them to flare up making them feel miserable at home. An air purifier, however, helps to eliminate this problem by removing those contaminants from the air. You can get a decent purifier for just a few bucks. Just remember to change the filters periodically to keep the air quality clean. 

Keep Pests at Bay

Pests like mice, ants, and spiders are commonly found in the home. Though it might be normal depending on where you live these pests can bite, sting, damage your property, and they also carry disease. Not doing anything when you see pests in your home could result in infestations that are even more serious to control. Though keeping a clean house and setting traps can work on some occasions, it may be necessary for you to look into hiring pest control services like those found at to handle stubborn pests or infestations. 

Keep Up With Household Maintenance

Cleaning isn’t the only thing you need to do to sustain a healthy household. Maintenance is also a large part of remaining safe and healthy. A home without properly working heating or cooling system, plumbing, or electricity isn’t safe or healthy. Your heating and air conditioning, for example, have filters that prevent dust and debris from entering your home. When they’re not cleaned and serviced, this reduces the air quality. Similarly, a bad pipe can cause a leak that results in mold growth which can be harmful when breathed in. Some of these things you can do yourself like changing the air filters in the furnace and air conditioner but other tasks should be left to the professionals. 

If healthier living is what you’re after, don’t overlook the importance of taking care of your home. You may not realize just how significant the cleanliness and safety of your home are to your overall well-being, but it matters. An unhealthy home can cause accidents, increase the chances of illness, and even negatively impact your mood. By utilizing the advice above you can dramatically improve your health and wellness over time.