Fun Vacations for Active Outdoor Lovers


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For a lot of people, the idea of a vacation tends to be about sitting back and relaxing one way or another. The usual trips include days in the sun with your feet in the sand in a tropical location. And that’s fine and all, but what about fun vacations for active outdoor lovers? Here you’ll get a glimpse of the fun and exciting options available to you that don’t include relaxing on the beach with a Maitai  —  not that there’s anything wrong with that.


First and foremost, when it comes to exploring the idea of an outdoor themed vacation, you need to pick a location and adjust accordingly. The adjustment involves knowing what type of adventure you and anyone else on the trip are going to have to prepare for.

Spending a day skiing requires different preparation than spending a day snorkeling underwater. Research the weather in the area so you can pack properly, have all the paperwork involved with traveling abroad in order and be sure to have money to convert if needed. If while preparing for or during a trip, an unexpected expense rears its head, sites like can help you get over that hurdle. They can help get you cash quickly, so you can take care of your surprise money issues. And with your money in order and preparation taken care of, you can focus on exploration.

Exploring Trails and the Wilderness

If enjoying the outdoors to you includes hiking trails and basking in the glory that is the wilderness, you’re in luck. The world is packed with stunning locations where you can hike up a mountain or go along a trail to unlock beautiful sights in picturesque locations.

There are hiking trails that have you gazing at snow capped mountains, walking through lush valleys or around flowing waterfalls. It all depends on how far you are willing to travel to enjoy the bounty that nature has to offer.

In the United States, Washington, Oregon and New Hampshire have lovely areas which you can hike up and around rocky terrain with trees and other foliage spread about. Further north in the Yukon in Canada, you’re able to soak in the natural beauty which is on full display.

Abroad you can take a trip to New Zealand for fun backpacking expeditions across various terrain or Zhangjiajie, China, where you can hike your way up and whitewater raft your way back down to this scenic location. The wilderness is truly represented in these types of areas. But hey, maybe this type of outdoor vacation is not for you and you want to enjoy life on or in the water.

Time to Get Wet

When it comes to having a splendid vacation involving more of an aquatic theme, your options here are plentiful as well. If you can see yourself paddling across beautiful waters with a friend, maybe a kayaking destination is for you. If you want to get up close and personal with aquatic life, a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands will give you the opportunity to snorkel and see life underwater.

For those that want to surf on their vacation, try Morocco. This top destinations list ranks Morocco as a surfers dream, which you can then make a reality. Other locations known for awesome surfing possibilities include Hossegor France, Costa Rica, The Samoan Islands and White Beach in Okinawa, Japan. It all depends on what type of backdrop you want for your epic surfing adventure.

If you can’t decide where to go (because they all sound amazing),  create a bucket list and check off each and every one of these gorgeous locations one by one. Being able to enjoy an active outdoor vacation doesn’t have to be a pipe dream if you put your mind to it and make it happen.