Life Hacks for People Who Work Too Much


Look great, feel healthy and live happy with

There is a well-known phrase, coined by Bridget Jones herself, that when one part of life is going well, the rest falls spectacularly to pieces. It is no wonder, when we have the world at our fingertips, that we don’t actually have time to do what we need.

If work is going well, it is probably a given that you haven’t had a date in months or that you’ve been living off Chinese food in your tiny apartment, where you can’t see the floor for boxes of clutter. However, with these few simple life hacks, you can get back on track and begin to live your best life – how it.

1. The Date 

Online Dating

If you’re excelling at work, the likelihood is that you’re far too busy and fulfilled to even consider taking on a partner. Who has time for another person when they’re smashing their targets in the office all day? There is no headspace for distractions when you’re on the road to success. However, some part of you is secretly thinking about how nice it might be to come home to someone who has cooked dinner instead of ordering cold sesame noodles for the fifth time this week. If you’re wondering where to start, your local bar probably isn’t an option if you haven’t got time to leave the office. You could start with a dating app: Badoo has a function which allows you to search for people nearby, so you can grab a quick bite to eat on your lunch break and – who knows – you could meet the one.

2. The Diet

It can be easy to fall into the trap of eating fast food when you’re working 24/7. It is convenient, tasty and, if you’re in the right part of town, you can even find healthy, vegan-friendly fast food. The point is, it cuts out the shopping and prep time. But you’ll begin to find it’s taking a major toll on your bank balance. It’s estimated that Americans spend an average of $3000 per year eating lunch out. Think of the holiday you could have if you invested in a bit Tupperware and batch-cooked lunches in advance! Cook meals in bulk on the weekend and split into portions so you can grab and go during the week. If you’re more of a salad eater, turn your fridge into a salad bar, by prepping all of your salad ingredients and filling a Tupperware box in the morning before you leave. You’ll still get the convenience of eating what you enjoy and you’ll save a lot of money at the same time. If you find that you’re spending money on coffee every morning, invest in a coffee machine and press the button before you leave for work!

3. The Body

You’ve been working so hard that you haven’t seen the gym in months and you’re probably paying a lot for membership. The running trainers you bought in January are still in the box and the monthly mail order running kit is piling up in the corner of your room. Working out regularly is easier said than done, especially when you have a busy worklife. However, regular work outs will positively affect your performance in the office and they can restore your work/life balance. Try heading for a ten-minute jog during your lunch hour or walk to work instead of taking the subway.

If you have the space for some home exercise, try doing ten minutes every evening as you catch up with your favourite Netflix show. You may find that you’re heading back into the office feeling calmer and more energised. It’s easy to joke about exercise, but it’s incredibly important to fit in the recommended 30 minutes a day in order to live a healthy life. You can also try having a CBD oil body massage as it is something that can relief the tiredness as well as soreness. 

4. The Work

You have no time for anything else in your life because you’re working. This is great if you love your job, but consider whether you’re undervalued in your role. If your colleagues are relying on your expertise, you may want to consider having a chat about how they can help you out. If you feel as though your work is far outweighing your pay grade, it may be time to have the dreaded conversation with your boss about a raise. Know your value and don’t be afraid to assert yourself. After all, there is little point in working if it leaves you no time for yourself – especially if you do not feel fulfilled. If you feel overworked and you don’t enjoy your job, consider a career change. It’s nice earning lots of money, but what use is it if you cannot enjoy yourself? If there is something that you have always wanted to try, take the plunge and change tack: you may struggle for a while, but you’ll reap the benefits in the end.

5. The House

You may be years away from buying your dream house, but that doesn’t stop you from sprucing up your fifth-floor walk up. Use Pinterest to create mood boards for different rooms and create space using handy space-saving ideas. Take some time to throw out anything you no longer use. As a general rule, anything that you haven’t worn for 12 months should be donated to the thrift shop. You’ll instantly free up space in your apartment, making the space feel as though it is a place in which to live during your downtime. Finish your transformation with some fairylights and scented candles for a truly relaxing home. 

Sometimes life can feel like you go to work, eat, sleep and repeat. With a few little hacks you can make some more time and begin to live your best life. Try to fill your life with new things, a little bit at a time, and don’t put so much pressure on yourself to work harder. Spend time with friends and do things which make you happy, after all – work is never going away.