Style Tips for Muscular Men


Look great, feel healthy and live happy with

If you have a well-muscled body and are struggling to find a proper outfit for everyday use, check out our tips.

Big beefy dudes might live a healthy lifestyle and won’t hesitate to flex at any opportunity, but even they like to look decent just like everybody else. Truth is, there are only a few brands that tailor for muscular men. As a matter of fact, most muscular guys find the clothes made to fit them are either too loose at the waist or too tight in the hips and thighs.

So, here are five ways to improve your style:

1. Tailor It

When it comes to finding clothes that fit you well, a tailor is the right person who can help you.

As far as being all buffed up is a big concern, most of the clothes that you’re going to find off the rack from local clothing stores aren’t going to fit you properly.

That’s why the tailor is the one to get your clothing adjusted for your specific body type. But before paying him a visit, you have to figure out your key areas first. For most bodybuilders, it is the chest, shoulders, and legs they have difficulties to fit into. Only after this, your tailor will be able to work with you and adjust your clothes accordingly.

If your budget allows, you can just “customise” the shape of your body. Though it might be an expensive business, you will surely get exactly what you need, thereby justifying the high price that comes with it.

2.   Size It Down

This might scary off most pumped men, but there’s a good reason for it. Especially for the clothes that are too loose to fit you. If you want the best flattering fit, cropping is the way that can satisfy you in the end. So, take your clothing you would like to trim and let the tailor do his job. 

3. Find Your Brand

If you’re looking for a quick solution, then find your brand. Every clothing brand has different sizing that makes it complicated to find a perfect fit and it varies between countries and continents. This simply means more options.

We suggest going to a large mall in your area and try on clothing from as many brands as you can find. It can be stressful, but once you find the brand that matches your type, there’s a good chance that other clothing from that brand will fit you as well. Once you’ve nailed this down, you’ll save your time in future when shopping.

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4. Proportion Is the Key

The most essential key in men’s wear is a balance. Looks like this statement was made especially for big guys. Clothing that define your well-built legs or chest may seem flattering, though make sure you don’t put too much emphasis on those areas.

Instead, try the following for the best stylish silhouette:

  • Large legs: pick out trousers that have some room just to accommodate your quads but never go too skinny. 
  • Big chest: a less fitting shirt can provide some balance. Choose unstructured jackets and lightweight fabrics that can keep your layers light.

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