The Art of Being Likable


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Men and women, adults and children are always concerned about what impression they make on others. We learn how to be charming and likable from our childhood.

The problem of communication, the ability to talk, to present oneself and leave a positive trace from communication with the interlocutor (no matter who it may be – a friend, colleague, boss, potential partner, etc.) – this is the constant concern of each person. How to be a likable person is a trouble with which a lot of people struggle every day.

We are social creatures and we need communication and acceptance of society.

A person, presenting him/herself to society, tries to control the impression that he/she produces. This self-introduction is important not only for a sense of self-worth and for a sense of self-satisfaction, but also for success in business, in work, in social life.

Behind this is not only self-satisfaction, but also the desire to achieve certain goals.

In our case, it is to attract the attention of men, stand out among competitors, and then make the right choice. Communication with your female partner is extremely important, so be sure to visit the following link to find out the best flirty texts for her!

That is why the appearance for a woman is a whole world of worries, troubles, problems, endless searches for options, evaluations, joys and sorrows.

In order for you to be noticed by men, you need not beauty, but the ability to look good.

How to Be Likable?

An important task is to stand out among the crowd, the first impressions is important.

The first impression is mostly composed of:

  • Visual representations are more than 50%.
  • The manner of speaking, facial expressions, gestures, about 40%.
  • Well, what you say is almost irrelevant.

Therefore, when answering the question how to be more likable, for active self-presentation, you need to ensure a decent image of yourself. Self-presentation is the tool by which every woman can achieve significant success and solve the tasks.

Mastering Self-presentation Skills

This is the path to self-development. Talk about self-presentation is closely related to the concept of “image”. It needs to be interpreted more broadly, I think that “image” most likely means “opinion”.

“Image” – opinion, judgment, influence, effect, assessment of people around and on this basis the corresponding attitude towards you.

As they say, the first impression is important! But what does this “impression” depend on?

So, remember, from what components this impression is formed: appearance, internal expressiveness and appropriate look, expression in behavior, and most importantly – your emotionality, fullness of love of self and respect for others.

Especially I would single out an important factor, the more attractive a person is, the more we give him an advance on other parameters: he seems smarter, kinder and more tender.

And on the basis of this impression, men conclude about the perceived qualities of your personality, and not in the form of a nose or extra kilos.

After all, no matter how attractive you look, if you are no longer interesting, you have become closed, arrogant – there are practically no chances for developing relations.

Remember that a first impression increases the chance of a second meeting. It is the first impression that makes a man decide – to meet with you or not.

A person creates his/her own unique image: posture, facial expressions, gestures, manner of speaking only when establishing contact, working out and improving the style of communication.

So, self-presentation is a means of forming one’s own image, relying on social standards, fashion, attractiveness and considering individuality.

What Are the Motives

There are several motives for self-presentation:

  • Solve problems with shyness, be bolder.
  • Learn to communicate, polish your skills.
  • Properly and skillfully self-present yourself.
  • Give up false expectations.

Tasks of Self-presentation

Try to please others (both men and women), then they will be kind, friendly to you. This will create a positive aura around you that will highlight you among many.

A sense of style is formed on the basis of reality, the perception of your strengths and weaknesses, only it is necessary to clearly set the boundary between them, to make a lot of conscious, purposeful efforts.