Tricks to Get Things Done in Time


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We all want to wake up every day brimming with positive energy to start the day and get stuff done, but often find it difficult as there are days when we feel drained by certain tasks and feel like postponing them.  Want to know how to get things done faster? Check the tricks from below.

Make a To-do List

Create a to-do list; the list should include all the important tasks to be accomplished within a specified time.  These tasks need to be tackled every day, therefore, keep it simple. A to-do list includes simple tasks that require a systematic plan, whether you want to make an appointment with the doctor or complete a project, or run some few errands; all these micro-tasks can be accomplished if planned well. A simple to do list needs to be precise, and if possible you can delegate some of the tasks to make work easier.

Follow through the list by breaking down any large task into manageable schedules, this means each task needs to be completed within a specified time. At the end of each day, it’s important to review the list, cross off what has been accomplished and note down what is still pending. Reorganize the list and prioritize the task for the following day.

It’s important to review the task at the beginning of each day and at then of the day to track your accomplishments. Schedule low-value activity at the bottom of the list to avoid wasting more time on these activities. Focus on one task at a time, and follow through with those activities that are important. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by constantly referring to the list. Don’t forget that creating a a to-do list is a great habit to get things done faster and in time.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Before starting any task, break down the list by prioritizing what is important, it advisable to complete the most difficult assignment for the day, you will feel lighter to complete the remaining assignments. Schedule each task using a calendar, this will help you organize your priorities and focus on completing them first. The best way to prioritize your list is to consider the impact of each task and some of the consequences of not completing them in time.

At the beginning of each day, highlight three to four most important tasks you have to accomplish before the day ends and do them first. If you are working on a big project, set aside some time each day to complete the assignment in bits. Begin each day with specific tasks in mind and focus on what is more important instead of picking an assignment you prefer.   Do not think too much about the assignment, instead, go directly to the task and spend three to four hours to complete the unpleasant task, you will feel relieved.

Remove Distractions

One of the tips to get things done is to eliminate any distractions that might derail your productivity. Distraction comes in several forms more so social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or online games; however, the major distraction comes from the work itself. Certain tasks are not as important as others, but if we spend more time on less important tasks, these tasks will distract us from completing what we should be doing.

At times it is not easy to keep the mind on track because of the constant distraction from other people or other activities around us especially when working in an office. You will easily get distracted by co-workers and other people with questions that cannot wait; any distraction can derail the task at hand.

Make sure you work in an area with minimal interruption, log out off some of the social sites, close your email or turn off your mobile phone to avoid being pulled off the task, once you are focused you should stay focused.

Divide Major Tasks Into Subtasks

After identifying the major tasks to be completed each day, the next step is to divide the task into separate subtasks, breaking these tasks into smaller parts and scheduling time for each part, will give you the motivation to stay focused throughout the day.

In addition, breaking the tasks into smaller part will enable you to set aside adequate time to complete the bigger task in time.  When you want to get stuff done, break the task into small parts because when a big task becomes smaller and manageable, you can easily focus on it because it will look much easier.

Wake up Earlier

One of the most important time management tips is to wake up early, by waking up early you will be more productive because you have more time. The most interesting rationale for waking up early is to utilize the first early hours of the morning when our brains are still fresh to accomplish difficult tasks.

Waking up early makes us more productive because we utilize the morning energy to complete complex tasks. Getting out of bed early makes you enjoy more free time and prepare us for the long day ahead.  Many early risers are known to be more productive and also creative. Famous pieces of artwork and books are written in the morning.  If you want to write your essays on time, the secret is to rise up earlier.

Although we might wish for more hours of the day, it’s unfortunate that we cannot control time; however, we can control our levels of productivity.  It is important to be cautious about how we spend our time to get more things done. Creating a to-do list, prioritizing tasks, removing distractions and waking up early are some of the ways to make the most out of every day. As stated on this source, we may feel drained by certain tasks, but there are several ways to counter such feels, some of the above tricks can help us get things done faster.