5 Sexy Foods For Valentine’s Day

By Top.me

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Spice up for your Valentine’s Day with these five sexy foods…

1. Chocolate


Chocolate prompts the release of the mood-boosting hormone serotonin as well as the amino acid phenylethylamine, which increases passion.

2. Oysters


Oysters are rich in the mineral zinc, which is associated with male fertility, potency and sex drive.

3. Strawberries


Strawberries have been touted as an aphrodisiac fruit since ancient Roman days  and are low in calories.

4. Spices


Hot spices such as cayenne, curry and cumin can make you feel amorous because they warm and relax the body.

5. Pine Nuts


Pine nuts are sexier than your average nut. A half cup serving contains a whopping 9g of muscle building protein and eating them can help increase stamina.