More Than Snack: How to Pack Perfect Lunchbox


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Most students find college stressful, and hectic. The expectations are always high, and the reality may be more than just disappointing. Between the lectures, group projects, studying, and working part-time, finding time to eat would be a miracle.

Add in the financial constraints and then it is obvious that depending on fast food might not always be feasible. So there is no shame in thinking about taking packed lunch to college, and we have more than one reason to say this.


First of all, ignore the thought of what the others would think. They are tired of microwave meals and might actually be jealous of you. Secondly, packed lunches are the only way to get enough nutrition that students definitely lack during the University days.

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Now that we have sorted out the time issue let us look at how to pack a lunch box that is not just tasty but also helps in academic performance.

1. Include Varieties


Do not limit to sandwiches or ready to eat meals. There are dozens of recipes online, tailored for college students by students. It would not be difficult to find a few that is easy to make with only a few ingredients. Let it be adding a twist to instant noodles, or quick pasta or soup; home cooked meals will always be better. Even leftovers could be made into interesting meals for the next day.

2. Add Protein

Proteins are a fabled category best to help with brain activity. They will also make you full and does not have as many calories as carbohydrates. Protein-rich food like fish, poultry, egg, and dairy are a lot beneficial and is different from regular carbs. Vegetarians can make meals with lentils, beans, and tofu for the same result. Even for a bit of snacking or dessert in between, there is always peanut butter too.

3. Use Vegetables and Fruits

If you don’t have enough time to prepare a cooked meal, there are always raw food that could help. Fruits are the best in this regard; it is as effortless as it could get and tastes as delicious too. There are also many vegetables like carrots, cucumber, tomato and even beetroot that could do the job. Fruits are also a healthy replacement for sugar loaded snacks.

4. Fall for Salads

If one hates salads, then it is because they haven’t had any good ones. On the lines of raw eating, or even cooked, salads are amazing. Not only that, green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, and others are rich sources of vitamin K and has naturally occurring nitrates and antioxidants.

They play a big role in improving memory and alertness. If you think a salad won’t be sufficient to feel full, add meat or healthy grains like Quinoa to it. With a good dressing, it won’t be long before you want to switch to a salad diet altogether.

5. Include Beverages

Every meal should have the perfect side of the beverage. Water is undoubtedly the best to stay hydrated and alert, try to avoid energy drinks, and the sugar will only have adverse effects on health. Green tea is also another healthy option for those who like it.  

6. Plan the Meals

Students almost certainly will not always be able to whip up some quick meals every morning. Students will definitely have to plan ahead, buy the ingredients and stock it for a week if needed. Plan for the whole week or prepare lunch the night before and leave it in the fridge so you can just grab and go.

The thought of preparing lunch might seem tiresome, but once you get the knack of it, it will be hard to go back to microwave food. Try your hand and see how it works out for you.