It has been said that relationships are the key to happiness. While not the only factor, the truth is that the relationships that you form, both sexual...

A popular saying in the world of sport and fitness is that your mind will give up long before your body does. There are many barriers that prevent...

As a child, you are always taught to do things so that you can grow up to be “big and strong.” As an adult, the desire to be strong doesn’t...

A nutritious, healthy, balanced diet needs to accompany physical activity for the best results.  [spoiler title=”Summary: Nutrition- The Basics”...

Are you in good health? Before you answer, you need to understand what the question is really asking. There are a number of vague definitions of the...

Fitness means being able to perform physical activity. Fitness and ‘getting fit’ is a way of life and a commitment to yourself, your body, and your future health. Being physically fit is so much more than being able to lift some heavy weights or complete a...


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