How to Do Your Cardio in Half The Time

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Are you looking for a workout that burns calories while sculpting your body? 

Kettlebell workouts are extremely efficient when it comes to fat loss
The American Council of Exercise did a study proving Kettlebell workouts burn over 20.2 calories per minuter – that’s over 1,200 calories per hour! Compare that for example with working out on an elliptical trainer, which burns only 600 calories per hour(see our article “What’s the Most Efficient Cardio Workout?“).

 What’s even more impressive is that Kettlebells burn
  • 13.6 calories per minute aerobically
  • 6.6 calories per minute anaerobically
This means that unlike traditional cardiovascular exercise, Kettlebell workout build lean muscle mass  and muscles burn more calories even after the training session is over.

kettlebell Burn Calories

Kettlebells Involve the Whole Body 

A Kettlebell has a very unique shape and this causes your center of gravity to change. It moves continuously and your body must respond. All of your stabilizers, including the glutes,  calves and abs must be engaged to keep you from losing your balance. 

Kettlebell exercises also mimic daily activities such as:
  • Carrying groceries 
  • Lifting our luggage overhead at the airport 
  • Holding a child on your hip
  • Yard work or house hold chores
This makes the workout something familiar for the body. This training can also make you more efficient at home and in your daily life.  

Kettlebells are a Great Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio is also included in a Kettlebell workout. This is why your heart rate becomes elevated from Swings, Snatches and Jerks more than running a 6 minute mile pace for 20 minutes. 
Cardio with Kettlebell
Moving the Kettlebell around the body allows you to rest while you are working. This can be seen in Kettlebell Competitions when the athletes are resting in the rack position or overhead in the lockout position.

The lockout position is at the top of the Jerk or Snatch, where the Kettlebell sits on the wrist bone and the shoulder sinks so that the scapula supports the weight.

Resting in this position is what allows the lifter to complete high repetitions. Without proper form you would not be able to do this.

This increases bone density which can prevent brittle bones and osteoporosis, which happens to many women as they age. Women need strength training to avoid this and many other diseases. 

Oprah Winfrey has Clean and Jerk listed on her website as the most effective exercise for women to increase bone density.

Kettlebells Increase Power and Endurance 

Another reason why fitness enthusiasts are so impressed with the Kettlebell is its efficiency.

Compound exercises, using more than one muscle group at a time, burn more calories. These exercises also increase power and endurance because these exercises require more oxygen to the muscles. The body works harder much faster and quickly fatigues. 

It doesn’t take much to build an awesome body from Kettlebell exercises because not only are you hitting all major muscle groups, but you are including your cardiovascular exercise with it. 
 Kettlebell Exercise
So if you hate boring cardio like I do and don’t have hours to get into shape, then Kettlebell training is perfect for you. 

Check out some of the exercises that I have in this video to get you started on your way to developing a great body with core strength and endurance in a fraction of time that you would spend at the gym.

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