Why You Need Variety with Fitness

By Top.me

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Sure you can get in  shape by going to the gym every day for an hour and training with weights and intense cardio sessions – but you are sure to burn out quick. Chances are that you aren’t training for the next Olympics or to be a pro athlete.

Nobody said that staying in shape and being healthy had to be a total drag! In fact, the time that you are exercising should be one of your favorite times of the day. Choose activities that are fun for you and you will never get bored as this is one of the reasons why people quit fitness


The key to enjoying your daily workout is variety. This can be done in a number of different ways. Working out is a physical and mental challenge. If you are bored mentally and your mind is not stimulated properly along with your body, you will not see the results you desire and you will ultimately lose motivation.

By having a nice variety, you will also see better results. The best way to build lean muscle and burn fat is to not let your body get use to the current demand you are putting on it. If you go to the gym and perform the same workout every time, your body will get use to the demand you are placing on it and you will not see the results you desire. By changing up your routine and doing several different things every week, you will ultimately stay motivated and stimulate additional fat loss and muscle growth.

So what are the best ways to add variety to your workout? Let’s take a look at the top five Ways!

Play a Sport


The best thing you can do to stay motivated is swap out a day or two of your usual cardio or treadmill routine and play your favorite sport like tennis and basketball, so have 2 days a week where you play one of these sports. Sports are an amazing way to get in a great workout because they are fun and they trick your mind into forgetting about the workout. Many sports involve lots of running and cardio and can give you an incredible workout. Some of the best sports for cardio and fat burning are Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Boxing, Volleyball and Racquet Ball.

Take Your Workout Outside

Training in the gym everyday can get a little monotonous. When you feel like you are getting burned out, take your workout to the great outdoors. Nothing is more motivational than working out in the sunshine on a beautiful day.

Squat outside

 If you are fortunate to live in a nice climate or it’s the summer time, swap a gym workout for an outside workout. You won’t believe how fun it can be. Just remember to wear your sunscreen!


Cross Fit Outside

CrossFit workouts are fun because they involve such a wide variety of exercises and activities. If you have a local cross fit club and are serious about your fitness, try a cross fit workout once or twice a week to shock your body and do a different kind of routine. If you don’t have a cross fit gym in your area, they have some incredible routines online you can experiment with.

New Music Playlist

playlist for workout

Believe it or not, new music has been proven to have a motivational effect on your workout. Make sure you are constantly listening to music that is motivational and helping you with your workout. If you are always listening to the same music, your motivational levels are sure to lack. I have foundthat my best workouts are always when I have new music. Although it is not a variety with your fitness, it will add variety to your mind which is vital for a great workout. 

Change Up Your Workout

Regardless of your fitness goals, you need to change up your workout all the time. If you are a weight lifter, you need to constantly change up the exercises you perform, weight you lift, repetitions per set, and rest between sets. If you don’t do this, not only will you be bored but you won’t see the results you desire.

Boxing as Fitness Variety

 If you are a cardio athlete or just looking to lose weight, you need to make sure you aren’t performing the exact same cardio routine over and over again. There are tons of different and fun ways to perform cardio, so research and find a good variety you enjoy.