3 Benefits of Clear Face Masks You Need to Know

By Top.me

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For many people across the world, 2020 is the first time they’ve had to wear protective face masks. This new requirement can be annoying for some people, but for others, it can seriously hamper their wellbeing.

Luckily, clear face masks are becoming more and more popular. Keep reading to learn 3 benefits of clear face masks.

1. Let You See Facial Expressions

One of the most uncomfortable parts about wearing face masks is that they prevent you from seeing the facial expressions of other people.

When talking to someone wearing a mask, it can be difficult to know what they are feeling. This is because most emotions require visual contact with the mouth to be transmitted. Next time you’re wearing a mask, try telling an unannounced joke. Odds are, you won’t get the same reaction you’d usually expect. This is because the listeners won’t be able to see your mouth. Are you being funny, being strange, or angry? As long as your mouth is covered, it’ll be unclear. 

Colourful transparent face masks

Not being able to see facial expressions can be draining and stressful. Clear face masks eliminate that problem, allowing you to clearly see the mouth of others.

2. Helpful for People With Communicative Problems

For people with communicative difficulties, viewing someone’s mouth can often make the difference between understanding and not. This is particularly true for deaf people or those who are hearing-impaired. These people rely on reading lips, as well as scrutinizing different mouth movements. Through a combination of sounds, lip-reading, and facial expressions, deaf people and those hard of hearing communicate.

For adults and children on the autism spectrum, understanding social norms can be difficult. One way that they improve their communicative abilities is through reading facial expressions. Speach-language therapists and teachers also need their mouths to be visible. This lets their patients and students imitate their movements.

Clear masks benefit all of these communities. Check out this link to learn more about the benefits of wearing a see through mask, as well as to see some examples.

3. Easy to Make at Home

Like other kinds of masks, clear face masks are easy to make at home. By using a piece of fabric and a clear panel in the front, you can craft your own. YouTube and other sites offer different tutorials you can watch and imitate. Find your favorite one, and then have a go at making your own.

A guy is wearing a clear face mask and looking in the distance

To buy clear face masks, look on site such as Etsy. When making any mask, make sure that the finished product covers the mouth and nose. If it doesn’t, or if it’s too loose, it’s ineffective.

Clear face masks benefit communities with communicative or social problems, help people outside of those communities, and are easy to make at home. Are you aware of any other benefits that clear face masks bring? Or are you someone who wears one? Let us know.