5 Reasons Why You Should Take Better Care of Your Dental Health

By Top.me

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Protecting your oral health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Although many people know about the dangers of tooth decay or tooth infection, few take the time for regular visits to the dentist.

Since prevention is always the best strategy, annual or bi-annual checkups are strongly recommended. Have you been postponing your next dental appointment to an indefinite future? Remember that many dental problems, especially in their early stages, do not present noticeable symptoms.

Read on to discover five reasons why you should start taking better care of your oral health as soon as possible.

1. Oral Health Has an Impact on Your Overall Health

Your dental health has a holistic effect on your overall health because teeth and oral bacteria are linked with other systems in the body. If you neglect your oral health, you put yourself at risk of developing gingivitis or periodontitis. These gum diseases can then infect the nerves in your mouth, letting bacteria reach your bloodstream, and thus cause cardiovascular diseases.

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 After getting in your bloodstream through the nerve channels, bacteria can easily reach the brain too. Studies show that gum disease can lead to dementia and other mental disorders. These are just a few examples of how your general health can be affected by your oral health, and as you can notice, the implications are profound.

2. Good Oral Health Can Boost Your Confidence

Oral health can impact not just your appearance, but also how you feel about yourself. Having clean, healthy teeth can make you feel more confident and encourage you to smile more often. As harsh as it may sound, people form a first impression based on appearance. If you have excellent oral health, others may be more attracted to you and see this as a sign that you have a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits.

Your teeth attract attention when you speak too, not just when you smile, so it’s difficult to mask dental problems in social interactions. Dr. Ben Mishler, DDS is a considerate and gentle dentist who can help you get crucial dental work done so you can regain confidence in your smile.

3. Prevention Is Easier Than Treatment

Taking better care of your oral health by going to the dentist regularly gives you the chance to identify issues before they transform into serious dental diseases. Complex oral health problems are not just painful and difficult to treat, but they also require more expensive and lengthier treatment.

Even if you brush, floss, and use mouthwash rigorously, your teeth are continuously exposed to harsh substances and bacteria that weaken the enamel, the protective layer in the teeth. So, you shouldn’t be so sure that you don’t have any dental issues unless your dentist tells you so. If you care about your oral health, be proactive about preventing problems by visiting a dentist at least once or twice per year.

4. Poor Oral Health Is Linked With Unhealthy Lifestyles 

Oral diseases usually appear due to poor oral hygiene, poor diet choices, unhealthy consumption of sugar, excessive smoking or drinking, and similar bad habits. Since poor oral health is linked with an unhealthy lifestyle or environment, the desire to take better care of your teeth will make you re-evaluate your lifestyle choices and then adopt better habits that will indirectly protect your oral health.

Excessive smoking ruins the teeth

For example, eating nutritious food filled with vitamins and minerals will improve your overall health and your energy level, but it will also strengthen the teeth. There’s thus a strong connection between healthy teeth and a healthy body.

5. Oral Cancer Is a Real Concern

Although drinking and smoking are major factors that lead to oral cancer, it’s not uncommon for people with healthy lifestyles to develop oral cancer. If a doctor does not diagnose it early, oral cancer can have life-threatening consequences.

So, this is also a major reason why you should take better care of your oral health. Regularly inspect your mouth for any signs of damaged tissue, sores, or suspicious growths. Ask your dentist for a cancer screening in case it’s not part of the regular dental checkup.

Poor oral health can have a significant negative impact on your quality of life. Thankfully, taking care of your teeth and gums does not take up a lot of energy or time. Embrace healthy hygiene habits like regular brushing and flossing, pay attention to your diet, and go to the dentist for checkups. These are the most important things you need to do to maintain optimal oral health.