6 Ways Your Mattress Can Ruin Your Health

By Top.me

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Getting into a comfortable bed after an exhausting and stressful day is an incredible feeling. This is why you need to invest in a good mattress. It allows you to relax, sleep and wake up refreshed. However, it is wise that you keep your mattress clean. Know how to clean mattress stains especially after long term use.

Furthermore, it is important that you determine whether your mattress is enhancing or affecting your health. Here are 6 ways your mattress can ruin your health that you should know. 

1. An Old Mattress Can Cause Chronic Back Pain

When purchasing a mattress, it is imperative to consider one that offers adequate spine support like the Saatva hybrid, which has been engineered to help relieve back pain. This is non-negotiable. Your spine is made up of interlocking bones, and has a natural curvature. Therefore, sleeping on a saggy or an excessively soft mattress puts extra pressure on spine tendons and ligaments.

Furthermore, a saggy mattress forces your spine to bend. Therefore, if you wake up with a sore back, it is time to invest in a new mattress. 

2. Dust, Bed Bugs and Dust Mites Can Trigger Allergies

Dust mites and bed bugs love to hide in old mattresses. They feed on dead cells that your body sheds. They also lead to different respiratory and skin conditions including asthma and eczema among others. In the long run, sleeping on such a mattress causes severe irritation of your airways, lung infections and breathing problems.

Should you find yourself overwhelmed with these pests, you may wish to call someone like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/georgia/ out to come and rid your bed, and your property, of these nuisances, before turning your attention to your mattress.

3. A Lumpy or Sagging Mattress Can Cause Neck Pain

Your pillow plays a significant role in enhancing quality sleep. You want to keep your head up and free of pain when you wake up. However, having a lumpy or saggy mattress can cause severe neck pain. Ensure your mattress is free of bumps, dips or topper. Always use flat pillows to support your neck and head at night.

4. An Old Mattress Can Cause Snoring

A sunken and dusty mattress can cause snoring. A mattress is one of the most overlooked factors when you or your child snores. If your mattress is not offering the needed body support, your airways will be subjected to tension and they can be sunken causing snoring.

Remember, a mattress will often take the shape of your body. It is wise that you learn about the dangers of snoring and invest in a quality supportive mattress.

5. Sore Joints

If your mattress is too firm can cause sore joints. While a firm mattress is good for your spine, neck and back if it is too firm it can cause sore joints. It exerts a lot of pressure on your shoulders, arms and tailbone as you turn and toss. The more you try to find a comfortable position, the more pressure it exerts on your joints causing pain.

6. Poor Sleep

A mattress of low quality can cause poor sleep or deprive you of sleep completely. If you feel tired constantly, you are in a poor mood when you wake or you have trouble concentrating during the day, it is time to check your mattress. Remember, poor sleep patterns are highly associated with different health conditions including obesity and cardiovascular disease.

It is therefore vital that you give priority to the quality of sleep you are getting every single day. Ensure your mattress promotes good sleep. 

With these issues in mind, you need to pay attention to your body. If your body is suffering, you need to change your mattress to enhance your overall health and life.