All You Need To Know About Venus Legacy Treatment


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The rise in non-invasive cosmetic surgery has seen many people embrace alternate treatments that seek to modify the skin and body. The Venus Legacy treatment is one such treatment option, which yields spectacular results in a few sessions.

What is Venus Legacy Treatment?

The Venus Legacy treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment aiming to tighten loose sagging skin, thereby improving cellulite and giving a younger looking skin appearance.

A beautiful girl on the white background is standing next to Venus Legacy device. She is treating her face and legs with Venus Legacy Treatment.

Aging comes with various difficulties, including sagging of the skin, less elastic skin, and change in appearance. Age causes the skin to store fat and less collagen, increasing aging, cellulite, and wrinkles. This enables loose and fatty skin, which makes individuals sensitive towards their skin appearance. With Venus Legacy treatment, individuals are sure of taut and firm skin, which improves their overall skin appearance, making them seem smoother, firmer, and healthier.

Venus Legacy treatment is FDA approved, safe, and useful. The treatment can be used on the face and body without any side effects. The facial treatment is one of the best, offering spectacular results. This treatment is suitable for individuals who need the extra tautness that is hard to be achieved through physical exercise or dieting.

How It Works

Venus Legacy treatment seeks to implore multi-polar radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic fields to the skin to heat it, stimulating a healing response that heals the skin, causing it to contract and become firmer and healthier. This helps in reducing elastic and collagen tissues and making the skin less saggy and weary.

The Venus Legacy treatment seeks to naturally boost collagen treatment and production, which straightens out collagen production. In doing so, the skin contracts and increases bloodcirculation on its surface. The skin becomes fat due to the heat pump, which creates additional benefits to the skin surface.


The magnetic fields seek to facilitate collagen and fibroblasts’ repair to produce collagen and enhance tissue repair.

The thermal reaction reduces cellulite and causes the skin to heal faster than any natural process available, decreasing the number of local fat deposits to the skin, making it smoother and tauter. The Venus Legacy treatment is currently the only skincare treatment offering the unique combination of the two scientific technologies providing effective treatment.

The treatment takes around thirty to forty minutes to complete and is very comfortable to the skin. The treatment feels like a hot massage, and patients can even sleep during treatment. The applicator gets warm until the skin reaches the optimum temperature required. The heat can be adjusted if it gets too hot using the VariPulse feature. For maximum results, treatment should be taken once a week, up to six to eight sessions on an area. However, more sessions are required inlarger problem areas. Visible results are detected after two sessions, and most patient average around 40% of skin reduction.


The proprietary technology used by Venus Legacy treatment features four distinct applicators, Octi Polar and 4D body for larger areas, and Diamond Polar and 4D face for smaller areas. The 4D body and 4D face applicators also have VariPulse technology, useful for cellulite and circumferential reduction. VariPulse technology allows for more comfortable treatment and increases the circulation of blood required for effective treatment. This technology also prevents the formation of glycerin-based gel on the applicator.

A beautiful girl is lying on the white bed and the doctor is using Octi Polar applicator on her belly

The combined effect of the Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and the Pulse Electro-Magnetic fields (PEMF) seeks to deliver homogenous energy to multiple tissues safely and effectively. The Radio Frequency stimulates the fibroblasts while the Pulse Electro-Magnetic fields increase collagen synthesis by inducing the fibroblasts’ proliferation.

The 4D body applicator emits electrodes necessary for more extensive treatments with a 4.5cm depth of penetration. This targets deep tissues stimulating instant effect. The 4D face applicator, on the other hand, targets the areas which are hard to reach by easily maneuvering the facial regions.

The treatment applicators offer real-time thermal feedback required to detect the skin profile continuously. This ensures the patent is treated according to the right temperatures, thereby increasing predictability outcomes.

The Venus Legacy technology is cost-effective and offers a high return on investment in the business. The cutting-edge technology ensures all skin types are considered leaving no room for error.

Benefits of Venus Legacy Treatment

Non-invasive Procedure

Venus Legacy treatment is non-invasive, thereby being the perfect alternative in cosmetic surgery. This enables individuals to get the benefits of graceful aging without facing the pain and intrusiveness of surgical procedures.

Compatible to All Skin Types

The versatility of the Venus Legacy treatment to all skin types is a bonus. The technologies used are suitable for all complexions and offer no side effects on the skin.

No Recovery Downtime

The treatment procedure is painless and requires no downtime. An individual can have the treatment and go back to daily routines afterward. The skin may appear flushed and warm immediately after the treatment, but this goes away in an hour or two.

Body Slimming

A girl on the white background shows her beautiful slim and firm body

The treatment seeks to slim the body, especially the abdomen area. This provides a slimmer waistline and tightens the skin resulting in a smoother appearance.

Wrinkle Reduction

The Venus Legacy treatment significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face. The facial treatment tightens up sagging skin on the cheeks and neck, giving a firm appearance.

Reduces Cellulite

Common on the thigh and buttock area, cellulite is tremendously reduced by the treatment resulting in smoother and healthy looking skin.

Things to Consider

The Venus Legacy Treatment is ideal for patients who have sagging and wrinkled skin. However, the treatment is not suitable for patients with underlying health conditions such as autoimmune diseases or cancer. Pregnant women are also not eligible for the treatment.

Before treatment, one shouldn’t apply any creams, lotions, or makeup. This is to prevent any reactions of the chemicals into the skin with the heat.

It is important to ensure adequate water intake during and after treatments. Hydration ensures excess fat and toxins are flushed out of the system, resulting to healthy looking skin.