An Overview of Genital Surgery: All You Need to Know About Labiaplasty


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There may come a point when you are no longer confident with your body because of the appearance of your genitals, and that is when it is time to consider labiaplasty surgery.

During that operation, a skilled surgeon will be able to address a variety of cosmetic and medical issues that could be impacting your self-image or overall quality of life. While the skin will continue to age naturally, the results often last for decades as long as you follow all of the aftercare instructions and maintain your health. Here is a quick glimpse at how genital surgery is carried out and a few of the reasons why you should consider that operation.

Cosmetic Benefits of Genital Surgery

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  • Many patients consider genital surgery simply because they are unhappy with the shape or size of the genitals.
  • Some patients are born with oversized an oversized labia while others develop that type of issue as they grow older, go through childbirth, or deal with weight fluctuations.

To treat those issues, a surgeon can use many different surgical techniques. That includes the excision of unwanted skin and remodeling of the existing tissue. A surgeon who has quite a bit of experience with those techniques will be able to carefully craft a well-balanced appearance that you are sure to love for many years to come.

Improving Your Comfort

It is an unfortunate fact that some patients struggle with everyday activities because of excess or oversized genital tissue. You might find it uncomfortable to exercise or even wear tight clothing if you have an enlarged or unbalanced labia minora. Luckily, those issues can easily be taken care of in a matter of hours during a genital rejuvenation procedure. In addition to improved aesthetics, you might also find it much easier to follow an exercise routine or wear tight clothing following your operation.

What to Expect Before and After Genital Rejuvenation 

Labiaplasty surgery is highly personalized, and that means every operation is going to be slightly different. That being said, the surgical team is usually going to follow the same few steps for genital rejuvenation operations:

  • The first step in the process is administering an anesthetic that completely numbs the area.

If you are worried about discomfort or the procedure is going to be lengthy, then you might be given a general anesthetic that puts you completely to sleep. Cosmetic surgeons also have the option of using a local anesthetic in conjunction with an oral sedative that relaxes the patient.

  • Once you have been given the anesthetic, your surgeon is going to make a series of incisions to remove or adjust the soft tissue.

In most cases, that process takes around one or two hours to complete, and you will most likely be able to head home on the very same day.

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For extensive alterations, your surgeon might ask you to stay at the center overnight so that the nurses can carefully monitor your recovery. After you are home, you must plan on remaining relatively sedentary for at least a few days while the soft tissue heals. By the fourth or fifth week, you should be able to resume sexual intercourse, exercising, and all other activities.