Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps. What Researches and Doctors Say


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We all know that Himalayan salt lamps help remove pollutants and toxins from the environment. They purify the air around us, cure respiratory allergies, reduce electromagnetic radiation and provide a wide range of health benefits. They are not only perfect in remodeling your home décor but a natural element against positive ionization.

However, there is still quite the hustle and bustle going on regarding the effectiveness of Himalayan salt lamps.  So, are salt lamps a myth, hype or are there really some benefits attached to these salt crystal lamps?

What’s more, the research and doctors’ opinion on the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps exists today as well. We all seem to rely on doctors’ and researchers’ opinions. Therefore, within this article, we will enlist the benefits of real Himalayan crystal salt lamps from a health expert’s perspective. We will discuss the various myths associated with Himalayan salt lamps and reveal the reality in return.

Let’s look into the benefits of a salt lamp from a doctor’s and a researcher’s perspective.

Science on the Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Hygroscopic Nature

Pure Himalayan salt lamps are large pieces of Himalayan salt attached with a small bulb inside. In some cases, a small candle attached to it also serves the purpose. According to science, Himalayan salt lamps clean the air from pollutants and bacteria. They provide a warm glow that creates an ambiance environment in your room. Generally, it is presumed that Himalayan salt is 98% sodium chloride that contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

 Most importantly, it contains natural hygroscopic element; that is, it attracts water molecules in the air to itself. The heated salt lamp dries the water vapors that hold allergies, pollutants and bacteria, leaving all the particles attached to the salt lamp. Consequently, a salt lamp creates a germ-free indoor environment in your home.

So, if you already have a salt lamp or intend to buy it; make sure you wipe it off a few times a week. This act is recommended by many sources. 

Negative Ion Generator

Salt lamps are known for being natural negative ion generator that increases the flow of oxygen, leading to high alertness, low drowsiness and creating mental energy. It also protects against germs in the air, thereby reducing sneezing, coughing and throat infections. Lightning storms, sunlight, waterfalls, ocean waves, beaches contribute to a high concentration of negative ions. However, salt lamps generate small amounts which are very important in busy urbanized cities. Due to technological advancements like computers, TV, microwaves, mobile phones; positive ions are prevailing within the air. Thereby, aggravating problems like allergies, stress and sleep trouble. This is where a salt lamp steps in. It not only offers a soothing glow but also neutralizes positive ions and purifies the air.

Research On The Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamps


There hasn’t been any solid research conducted on Himalayan salt lamps. No peer-reviewed research has been carried out so far that it would prove its scientific validity. But, there have been small research conducted within different scenarios that advocate for Himalayan salt lamps. According to the study conducted by Columbia University; Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can be cured through a negative ion generator. According to this study, various participants who were suffering from SAD disorder were exposed to negative ions. 58 percent of them reported to be feeling better and the disappearance of their usual symptoms.

Another study was conducted in 2006 from the New York State Psychiatric Institute that SAD can be cured through high –density ionization. If negative ionization can be beneficial to health, then Himalayan salt lamps can also be beneficial can provide health benefits. Moreover, another small study in Japan in 2002 reported similar results. According to this study, negative ions reduced stress and anxiety in women, especially those who were engaged in taxing computer chores.

Doctor’s Opinion on the Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Dr. Kuriakose

Dr. Kuriakose is an allergist-immunologist in New York and is affiliated with New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell. She believes that where salt goes, water goes; which can thin out mucus. Following this theory, Himalayan salt lamps follow the principle of hygroscope; they can absorb water molecules from the air. Therefore, if you live in humid places, keeping a Himalayan salt lamp will act as a natural dehumidifier that will trap pollutants inside the real salt lamp (click here).

Dr. Michael Terman

Dr. Michael Terman is an American psychologist and professor of clinical psychology at Columbia University New York. He stated in the American Psychological Association (APA) that the bright light therapy directed at the right time in the right dose is one of the safest methods to treat SAD. People suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) face stress, anxiety and low energy level. Did you know people suffer from panic attacks, depression and SAD because of decreased sunshine time? Moreover, 98% of the sunlight enters our body through our eyes. So, gazing Himalayan salt lamps in winters can help remove cortisol from the brain-boosting your energy level. It will boost your energy level and keep you optimistic; thereby maintaining a good mood.

Abidin and HT Ming are the researchers who published their scholarly work; Effect Of A Commercial Air Ionizer On Dust Mites Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus And Dermatophagoides Farinae In The Laboratory in the Asian Pacific Journal Of Tropical Biomedicine” journal. He stated on NCBI that negative ions produced by ionizer remove dust mites. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps with natural and pure ingredients can cure diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Since all these diseases are due to dust, mildew, and mold. Pure Himalayan salt lamps can cure respiratory allergies.

Dr. Giordano

Dr. Giordano, a Ph.D. professor in the department of neurology and chemistry at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA stated that longer reddish-orange lights can stimulate brain chemicals, thereby resetting the circadian rhythm. According to the above theory, if we apply the salt crystal lamp reddish-orange color on our body; we could observe positive impacts. It not only works well on the physical body but can be a measure to treat insomnia and sleep deprivation.

So if you are suffering from sleep deprivation problems; plug-in the salt lamp throughout the day will accelerate your mood and help reverse your sleeping problems. Transform your room into a haven of tranquillity and revitalize your body with salt crystal lamps as you sleep soundly throughout the night. 

Dr. Edward Group

Dr. Edward Group is the founder and CEO of the global healing center. He with the help of his center provides high-quality natural health information and products. According to his research, he stated that Himalayan crystal salt matured over 250 million years, thereby maintaining tectonic pressure. Since it has remained in this environment for such a long period, therefore, it is free of toxins and impurities. Believers believe that its unique cellular structure allows it to store vibration energy and Dr. Edward supports this clause.

Salt lamps not only attract prosperity and health benefits, but it harmonizes the area and boosts energy among individuals.

So, get a salt lamp for your room. Keep it enlightened during the day and night. Keep it in your child’s room, especially if they are suffering from asthma and allergies.

Where to Buy Salt Lamps?

Now that you have decided to purchase a salt lamp; next you would be wondering where to buy salt lamps? If you want to attain positive effects; our suggestion would be to look for pure Himalayan salt lamps. There are lots of salt crystal lamps available in the market and even online. But watch out for the fake ones; they may not be originated from authentic Himalayan ranges. So, look out for the best Himalayan salt lamp; the real salt lamps will create positive energy within your indoor home.

A real salt lamp will bring oxygen to the brain, reduce indoor pollution. Boost the immune system and cure seasonal affective disorder. So, what are you waiting for?

Buy a light salt crystal lamp and create an attractive, soothing impact within your room, credited with various health benefits.

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