Benefits of the Breast Implant Removal Procedure


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After having silicone implants for a short period of time, you might begin to notice a variety of medical and cosmetic issues. Even though a skilled surgeon like Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip, M.D., F.A.C.S. can mitigate some of those risks, the implants aren’t going to last forever. As time goes on, the implants could eventually rupture or become twisted. Silicone implants can also result in extensive tissue scarring that makes it uncomfortable to carry out everyday tasks. If you have recently noticed any of those breast implant issues, then it might be time to consider the silicone breast implant removal procedure.

Candidates for the Breast Implant Removal Procedure

There are quite a few reasons why an individual might want or need this procedure. One of the most common reasons for removing implants is a patient wishing to alter their appearance. Even if an individual wants larger breasts when they are younger, those feelings could change as they grow older. The silicone implants themselves can also shift and cause a lopsided appearance, and removing or replacing the implants will be the only way to address those cosmetic issues.

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Silicone implants are very safe in most situations, but studies have revealed that they can cause medical complications as well. When the tissue surrounding the implant doesn’t heal properly, then the patient might have chronic discomfort or limited mobility. Depending on the size of the implants, they could cause problems with an individual’s back as well. To treat those issues, patients should consider having the implants removed or replaced.

Replacing Silicone Implants

If you currently enjoy the size of your implants but would like to avoid some of the potential risks that come with silicone implants, then you might want to have them replaced with saline implants. Saline implants are extremely safe, and they very rarely cause any problems when they rupture. When a saline implant rips, the patient’s body is simply going to absorb the saline solution. During this procedure, Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip is going to create small incisions to carefully remove the silicone implants and some of the surrounding soft tissue. He can then place the implant shells in the same cavities and fill them with saline.

Removing Implants and Adding a Breast Lift

The silicone breast implant removal procedure can also be combined with a breast lift to maintain a well-balanced appearance. That operation typically involves the removal of the breast implant as well as any of the surrounding tissue that has been scarred or damaged. Once that is complete, the remaining tissue is pulled slightly higher on the chest so that the breasts are perkier and more eye-catching.

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Determining which type of implant removal procedure is right for you is going to require quite a bit of research as well as a little professional assistance. During your first appointment with the surgeon, you are going to learn more about the pros and cons of these procedures so that you can make the best choice for your own situation.