Best Ways to Whiten Teeth That Won’t Drain Your Purse


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Dreaming of a pearly white smile? Then getting rid of tooth stains is a must. Read below to find out how you can reduce, prevent or eliminate unsightly stains from your teeth:

Use Whitening Toothpaste

The most common cause of teeth staining is consumption of food without properly brushing daily as recommended. You can prevent exterior enamel stains from getting worse by brushing your teeth twice a day. If you want to brighten teeth, use whitening toothpaste. Keep in mind that whitening toothpaste, gels and rinses don’t remove hard stains on teeth. These products may remove superficial residue that cause staining. Over-the-counter whitening products are inexpensive and are great for preventing bad teeth staining.

Try In-Office Bleaching

If you want to lighten the current shade of your teeth, then you need to go to a good local dentist in Mesa. The teeth whitening products you buy at the pharmacy contain peroxide or bleach in very small concentrates. Dentists can use this bleach in higher concentrations, so teeth could be lightened more effectively.  These in-office whitening procedures are common, so you won’t have to spend much. You can usually get a teeth bleaching done in a single setting.

Use Baking Soda Once or Twice a Month

If you are too lazy to go to the dentist, you can do what your grandmother did and brush with baking soda. Baking soda is mildly abrasive, which is why it is effective in reducing teeth stains. However, baking soda, which is an acid neutralizer, could affect oral bacterial microsystems. Therefore, it’s not recommended to brush with it too often. Limit to once or twice a month.

Go to the Dentist for Spot Treatment

Dentist for Spot Treatment

Are you suffering from yellow or brown spots on teeth? Perhaps there are discolored striations or mottling on teeth? Dentists use combination techniques, using some micro-abrasion, to fix these spots. These procedures are performed only superficially and are therefore affordable. You can also get teeth spots usually fixed in one sitting.

Rinse Mouth after Consuming Staining Foods or Drinks

The best way to lighten teeth is by avoiding certain habits. Steer clear of eating or drinking foods that cause staining, like red wine. If not, rinse your mouth with water immediately after you consume coffee, red wine, or natural cranberries, to remove the setting in of stains.

Use Water Flosser

This is the tech-savvy solution that helps you not only deeper clean your teeth off any stains but is very effective in removing plaque and preventing cavities. We’ve reviewed the most popular water flossers and picked the best 10 that you can check on

Stop Smoking

Are you a smoker? Then just stop. Tobacco causes teeth to stain an ugly yellow. Therefore, either switch to a vaping device or stop smoking altogether. You will save a lot of money this way.

Consider Porcelain Veneers

If teeth whitening is unsafe or unsuitable for you, you could also consider getting porcelain veneers the surface of your teeth. These veneers are laminate sheets that a dentist applies to stained areas. Porcelain veneers are usually used to treat cavities, but can be used for aesthetic purposes as well.

Before you try the above-listed suggestions, do consult a dentist regarding your situation.