Breast Implant Removal Cost in Newport Beach, CA


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Breast implant removal in Newport Beach, CA, is a common procedure. People remove their implants for various reasons.

Regardless of why you would want to have your implants gone, you can have the procedure performed at your earliest convenience. 

Breast implant removal cost in Newport Beach, CA, varies between practitioners.

Factors That Influence Breast Implant Removal Costs in Newport Beach, CA

Several aspects influence the price of breast implant removal surgery.

Plastic Surgeon’s Fee

In plastic surgery, costs are not standard — even within the same region. Thus, there is a price range for a surgeon’s earnings in procedure and practice. Some surgeons charge a higher fee because their services are in high demand.

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On the other hand, some surgeons attempting to increase their market share offer competitive rates. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average surgeon’s fee is $3,049.

Anesthesiologist Fee

The anesthesiologist is the medic in charge of administering anesthesia during the breast implant removal procedure. The anesthesiologist receives payment for inducing general anesthesia and monitoring your vitals during the operation.

Other Members of the Surgical Team

The nurses, assistant nurses, and cleaners also get compensated for their services during the operation. The price varies between practices.

Surgical Equipment

The breast implant removal cost in Newport Beach, CA, includes medical equipment. The syringes, scalpel, gloves, bed, utilities, medication, IVs, and so forth get added to your charges. Nothing used is for free.

Facility Charge

You also pay for using the facility during the operation. The price for this cost varies between premises. Furthermore, some patients may stay longer than others.


After surgery, you will get prescription medication for pain management as you recuperate at home.

Routine Medical Examinations

Any x-rays, blood tests, tissue examinations, and medical monitoring post-surgery has a price tag. You pay for each procedure. The receipt you get breaks down the cost for any medical tests and consultation.

Post-Surgery Garments and Support

Plastic surgeons can give you recovery garments to keep your breasts in position as you recover. Surgeons provide these garments to patients who need additional support to contain the breast as they heal. Without these garments, the patient may become vulnerable to injury. The garments come at a few as well.

After the surgery, you still have to consult your surgeon to monitor the recovery journey. Check-up appointments may be necessary, and this comes with increased costs.

The Best Way to Find Out the Cost of a Breast Implant Removal in Newport Beach, CA

If you want to compare prices between the plastic surgeons in Newport Beach, CA, the best solution is to call the practice

Get a breakdown of the fees and a quote on the final cost or an estimated quote. Remember, the plastic surgeon has to examine your breasts before knowing the degree of labor needed to remove your implants. At best, you will get estimated quotations and not the final cost.


When Should Breast Implants Be Removed?

Breast implants have a shelf life ranging from 10 to 15 years. That being said, some implants last much longer. At this time, it is especially important to monitor your implants to be sure of their integrity.

Breast implant revision may also be necessary to deal with unexpected complications like implant ruptures, breast discomfort and pain, and capsular contracture due to poor scar tissue formation around the implant. You can also remove your breast implants if you are no longer pleased with them.

Does Insurance Cover Breast Implant Removal?

Even though many women turn to breast implant removal due to complications or other health-related issues, this is still considered an elective cosmetic surgery. Because of this, this surgery is not usually covered by insurance.

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What Happens to the Breasts When the Implant Gets Removed?

Breast implants elongate the breast tissue and skin for accommodation. Therefore, a hollow remains when the implant is out. The stretching causes your breast to sag. Sometimes, the breasts return to their previous state before the breast implant surgery. The variation in changes depends on the type of implants and the size of your breasts.

It is not uncommon for women to combine their breast implant removal with a breast lift. A breast lift is performed to address breast sagging. This treatment tightens the skin and removes excess tissue to elevate the height of the breasts.