Can My Damaged Earlobe Be Repaired?


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Earlobe repair is now one of the most popular procedures nationwide. People are increasingly requesting to have their earlobes restored.

People have been waiting a long time, in some cases, prior to actually pursuing earlobe restoration. Some people have taken off their earrings, and the soft tissue has become slightly smaller, but a broad hole is still present.

Earlobe repair can help restore earlobes that have been damaged as a result of an injury or from wearing earrings for an extended period of time.

What Causes the Earlobes to Become Damaged?

A close up picture of the ear before and after earlobe restoration

Extended earlobe openings can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Unexpected injury
  • Numerous piercings that are in close proximity to the lobe’s underside
  • Kids attempting to put on earrings
  • Massive earrings worn for too long
  • Gauges inserted into the earlobe
  • Earrings becoming entangled and then being pulled

How Is the Earlobe Restored During the Procedure?

The procedure is a straightforward outpatient procedure that takes up to 20 minutes. The doctor will administer local anesthesia to the affected area.  After the damaged skin is removed, tiny stitches are used to fasten the skin back together.

The wound is sealed in tiers to relieve tension on the incision’s outer edge. When everything has healed, there is usually a fine scar. You will be free to drive home as soon as the procedure is completed. This procedure can be done in conjunction with facelift surgery, if needed.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Prior to the procedure, your earlobe will be numbed, as mentioned above. The majority of patients only feel a minimal amount of pain. Your earlobe will more than likely be immediately sore after the procedure. However, Tylenol will help get rid of any pain or soreness.

What Should I Expect During the Initial Consultation?

Typically, the cosmetic surgeon will ask you about your medical and family history, and perform a physical exam. Your surgeon will also talk about medical problems that can have an impact on bleeding or wound healing. This can include diabetes, nicotine, and certain medicines.

Your cosmetic surgeon will ask you about your goals and expectations. He or she will then examine the hole in your earlobe  to measure the size and status of the hole, as well as the anatomical structure of tissues surrounding it.

Some earlobes simply require sealing. In other cases, patients may require a more extensive tissue rotation. Both earlobes can typically be performed in one visit.

Can I Get My Earlobe Repaired if I Have Floppy Ones?

For floppy earlobes, the skin that surrounds it is not big and firm enough. In this instance, Restylane filler can be used to treat the area. The effects usually last a year and can be done again as necessary.

Can I Pierce My Ears Again After the Procedure?

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You should not pierce your ears until three months have passed since the procedure. Also, the latest piercing should be 3mm away from the previous one.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair My Earlobe?

Because each case is unique, this may differ. The time spent, the sophistication of the procedure, the geographic region, and other factors can all have an impact on its cost. An earlobe repair can cost between $490 and $2,200. Most surgeons accept a variety of payment methods.

How Long Is Recovery?

Most people restart their regular activities shortly following the procedure. Any exercises that would put strain on the area, on the other hand, should be avoided for at least a week. This includes intensive activity that requires bowing or stretching, as well as movements that exert too much force on the ear.  Some patients may experience scarring and/or swelling, which can easily be treated.