Everything You Need to Know About Rehab

By Top.me

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If you suffer from addiction – be it drugs or alcohol – then it’s vital you seek the right sort of treatment as soon as possible. You can try and kick the habit on your own, but this isn’t likely to be successful. Instead, your attention should turn to rehab.

A lot of people don’t really understand what rehab is, what it’s like and how it works. There’s no denying that it can definitely help you get over your drug or alcohol addiction and that it’s the best treatment option out there. So, here’s everything you need to know about rehab:

What is Rehab?

Alcohol rehab and drug rehab are mostly the same things just with the focus on two different types of addiction. When we talk about rehab, we tend to refer to residential rehabilitation, which means you move into the rehab center for the duration of your treatment. While here, you live with other recovering addicts and undergo various forms of addiction treatment to help tackle your problem.

Rehab is unique in that you are moved into a setting that’s completely cut off from your normal life. You’re also surrounded by medical professionals who will help you in any way that they can. It creates an environment that’s designed to help people get on the road to recovery and kick the internal cravings they have for drugs or alcohol.

Every person is different, which means your experience in rehab could be different from someone else’s. You could be there for a few weeks, or you could be there for a few months – it depends on how well you respond to the treatment.

What Is Rehab Like?

It’s a common misconception that alcohol rehab or drug rehab are places you go to be locked away from the world and forced to change. People imagine they’re put in white rooms with straight jackets, but that’s not the case at all! Some rehab centers are incredibly lovely and come with lots of amenities and things to help you feel at home. You’ll be given your own bedroom with access to food, drink, and some leisure activities as well.

A typical day begins with a healthy breakfast followed by counseling sessions. Then, you have lunch followed by some form of therapy or treatment. Usually, you have spare time in the evenings to make use of different facilities or chat with other people staying with you.

Of course, your experience can vary from center to center, but this is a typical overview of what it’s like in rehab.

What Treatments Are Available?

Rehab will take you through different phases of treatment that are designed to work with one another, tackling the worst symptoms of addiction. Below, you can see some of the different things you’re likely to experience in rehab:


Your time in rehab begins with a detox where you’re cut off from your regular supply of drugs or alcohol. It’s a pretty extreme way to start, but the aim is to flush all the toxins out of your body and rid yourself of the physical and mental urge to take drugs or drink alcohol. It’s done in a controlled environment with plenty of support to help you get through it.

Medication-assisted Treatment

Alongside your detox, you will often be prescribed medication as a way of tackling dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Typically, people who try and quit drugs/alcohol outside of rehab will cave in due to their withdrawal symptoms. In rehab, you’re given medication to help deal with them.

Residential Treatment

Both alcohol rehab and drug rehab are full of different treatments that take place in a residential setting. These include group therapy sessions, one-on-one counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other holistic therapies. Each patient is given a tailored plan when they check in, so you get the right treatment for you.

Outpatient Treatment

This refers to addiction treatments that don’t take place in a residential setting. So, you can get the treatment you need while still living at home and going to work. Typically, this is offered after you’ve had a spell in rehab and are far less dependent on drugs/alcohol. It’s also provided afterward as part of the aftercare services.

Get on the Right Track With Rehab

Drug and alcohol addictions can ruin your life and completely throw you off course. They damage relationships, your career, and your health. Rehab is an excellent way to get your life back on track by receiving a range of treatments in a residential setting. You cut off your supply from drugs/alcohol, detoxify your body and undergo specialist therapy to get to the root of your problem.

If you think rehab can help you regain control of your life – or help someone you know with a drug/alcohol problem – then please get in touch with us today!