Facial Aging: What Are My Options?

By Top.me

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While there are steps that you can take to protect your face from the signs of aging, practically everyone is going to deal with at least a few cosmetic issues as time goes on. Fine lines around the eyes, sunken cheeks, loose skin around the jawline, and other unwanted imperfections are going to have a huge impact on your appearance as well as your overall confidence. If you are ready to eradicate those issues, then you might be the perfect candidate for a facelift.

Understanding Aging Skin

Beautiful  and young girl on the grey background that shows how she will look when she gets old

Even though your skin is an incredibly resilient organ, it is still constantly bombarded with damaging UV rays, airborne toxins, and harsh beauty products. When you are younger, your skin produces a wide variety of proteins that are going to keep it healthy and toned, but there will come a point when your body’s supply of those proteins will begin to dissipate. As you grow older, you might begin to notice any number of imperfections around the eyes, forehead, nose, mouth, and chin. A facelift will give you the ability to quickly minimize or completely erase those blemishes for 10 years or longer.

Surgical Lifts

Injectables are a great option for patients who want to slightly alter localized imperfections, but those products aren’t right for everyone. If you are ready to rejuvenate your appearance, then you should consider a facelift.

That surgical procedure allows a surgeon to completely revitalize a patient’s face, and it can be used to address multiple blemishes at once. During a lift, the surgeon is going to create multiple incisions throughout the face, excise unwanted tissue, and then pull the remaining skin tight. It is an ideal option for patients who are struggling with:

  • crow’s feet
  • deep nasolabial folds
  • frown lines
  • loose skin throughout the jawline

Facial Fat Grafting

While facelifts are highly effective at treating skin laxity issues, they aren’t going to add volume to the face. That is why many people are now turning to facial fat grafting. That unique procedure utilizes nothing more than your body’s own fat, and it is going to give you a fuller and more toned appearance. Over the years, your body will begin to metabolize the fat throughout your face, and that can result in a sunken and aged appearance. With a fat graft, a surgeon can fill out the sunken areas of the face to erase many different imperfections and blemishes.

Getting Started

To see if a facelift is a good option for your own situation, you should contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can further explain the pros and cons of that procedure. One of those medical professionals will be able to give you more information on all of the operations that are currently available today and help you determine which treatment or operation is going to be right for you.