Facts About Non-Surgical Nose Lifts in Singapore

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Among all other countries in the world, Singapore is one of the most prosperous ones. Over the years, the country has been successful in both fields on tourism and the marketing industry.

As such, beauty institutions have been progressing together with the development of science. To be specific, nose thread lifts are one of the most trending beauty treatments in the country.

Unlike other operations, nose thread lift is a non-surgical procedure that primarily uses threads made of polydioxanone which are dissolvable; these are bio-compatible and are completely safe to use in the body. As such, below are a few more ideas people should know regarding the procedure.

How the Treatment Proceeds

A face of a young girl with the marks on her nose

Unlike other surgical operations, nose thread lift only takes a maximum of 30 minutes to complete. Of course, the clients are primarily required to take consultations and diagnoses to plan out the procedure and make sure that they are physically and mentally capable to undergo the treatment.

After days of check-ups, the operation begins with the expert applying a numbing cream to ensure that the process will be painless. With the use of a blunt cannula, the proceeding doctor will make a small puncture at the very tip of the nose – this is were the threads will be inserted; for more details, visit https://1aesthetics.com.

How Soon and How Long Will the Results Last

As mentioned, the operation for non-surgical nose lift could only last for 30 minutes; however, there are some beauty institutions in Singapore, like The Clifford Clinic and the Celevenus Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic, where they offer to operate the treatment in just 15 minutes. The treatment also produces immediate and natural-looking results which could last for 1 to 2 years. Also, nose thread lift is safe enough for people to do repeated treatments to yield even better outlooks.

How Much Would the Procedure Cost

Depending on the beauty institution, the cost for a session of nose thread lift varies. However, unlike other surgeries, this is far more affordable and secure. As such, some clinics have additional fees for the consultation and initial diagnoses of the doctors, while the others offer packages that already include the doctor’s fee and the materials used.

Moreover, apart from the experience and skills of the doctor, the cost also depends on what type of thread will be using; the thickness, length, and type of anchor on the sutures come at different prices.

A doctor is examining the girl nose before nonsurgical rhinoplasty

In the entire history, beauty has been the greatest weapon of every individual. With this, a lot of methods and treatments were created to enhance and modify one’s face. And as mentioned, a non-surgical nose lift is one of today’s most effective and safe procedures to make the nose of a person more define.

This method has become a beauty trend in prosperous countries like Singapore. This creates a natural-looking result that could last for a few years depending on the proceeding sessions operated; to know more about nose thread lift treatment, visit 1aesthetics.com.