From Underbite to a Normal Jaw


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Many do not realize how serious the problem is. It is just there in your plain sight, but you just cannot see it. It starts with the bite. Underbite might seem far for some, but it could be the problem some are facing each and every day. Not only would it affect daily life functions, it would also severely affect the facial profile.

What Is Underbite?

A girl with an underbite

An underbite can be classified as a class III malocclusion, causing one’s lower jaw to protrude or extend forward, where the chin and the lower teeth would be more forward than the upper jaw.

For some severe cases such as skeletal malocclusions, patients may suffer from face distortion or even difficulties in speaking. One of the most important elements in underbite correction would be the study of the contact between the upper and the lower teeth. The natural jaw and bite position would be the best guide when undergoing jaw correction.

There are three classes of malocclusion, where:

  • Class I is considered normal
  • Class II is an overbite
  • Class III is an underbite

Class III Malocclusion Underbite

Patients who suffer from Class III malocclusion would have a large chin and a protruding jaw, some of them may even suffer from crowding, overlapping and misaligned teeth. This could cause both physical and psychological damage.

While some may have difficulties in biting and speaking, most would suffer from self-esteem issues and affect their confidence. It can even cause premature aging due to the collapse of facial features. Patients have been reported to feel younger after they conduct the jaw correction surgery.

For some patients, they may suffer from TMJ problems, including:

  • low sleeping quality
  • digestion problems
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • headaches
  • jaw joint pain
  • jaw lock and clicking and popping of jaw joints

For some severe cases, patients may suffer from open bite or cross bite, which can cause problems related to speaking clearly, digestion and sleeping quality.

Jaw Correction Treatment Benefits

A beautiful girl is doing jaw correction treatment. She is happy and smiling

More and more have chosen to improve their living quality with jaw correction treatment such as using a teeth impression kit for teeth straightening.

Almost all patients reported an enhancement in physical appearances. Before the treatment, underbite sufferers could not smile properly, however, after jaw correction, they can finally give a bright pretty smile like anyone else.

Most patients suggested a relief of TMJ problems like chronic headache and unclear speech. It took patients around two to three weeks to fully recover from the treatment so that their daily life was hardly interrupted. Besides, a majority of patients pointed out that such jaw correction treatment does not require grinding and removing any healthy teeth, as well as any painful procedures and braces.

After the treatment it is reported that patients generally have a better facial profile and a boost in self-confidence.

So for all the underbite sufferers out there who are worried about the side effects of jaw surgery, good news for you. Come and try out painless and non-invasive treatment to write a new chapter in life. Remember, it starts with the bite.