Heart Doctor in Singapore: All You Need to Know

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Heart doctors and specialists in Singapore offer a wide range of diagnostic tests and heart treatments that ensure patients receive superior care and considerations.

The number of heart doctors in Singapore over the years has grown to include both local and foreign specialists. Singapore previously had a shortage of trained medical staff which has opened avenues for foreigners and ex-pats to move in to fill the gap. This has sought to advance cardiology treatment and increase the number of specialists found in the country.

With around one in three deaths in Singapore being a cause of heart-related diseases, the need for trained and specialized cardiologists in Singapore is paramount.

Requirements for Cardiologists in Singapore

There are basic requirements for medical registration as certified professionals in Singapore. These requirements ensure that the standards of the medical profession are upheld and the heart doctors are healthy and capable of practicing medicine.

A doctor is using stethoscope to hear the girl's heartbeat

According to Singapore Medical Council, locally trained doctors must apply for registration after obtaining a medical degree. The registration requires twelve months of housemanship training to obtain the required certificate of experience.

International Medical graduates looking to practice in Singapore should apply for medical registration after meeting the SMC’s requirements. However, the Ministry of Health’s requirements in Singapore regarding the acceptance of local medical students into the program has encouraged local practitioners. This has sought to enable the number of local health practitioner’s increase to keep up with the growing expectation of medical cardiologist demand in the country.

Benefits of Heart Doctors in Singapore

The benefits of heart doctors include the following:

Holistic Treatment

The insistence on wholesome and holistic treatment seeks to offer patients the best possible treatment options which provide considerable care and treatment to the patient.

Specialized Expertise

The best expertise on the best possible care in medical considerations ensures the cardiologists offer expectations in their field. With different levels of practice and considerations in the medical field, cardiologists are sure to offer the best they can to their patients regardless of their socio-economic status.

Strong Reputation

A doctor’s reputation is as good as their word. Therefore, offering a strong reputation in matters of cardiology goes a long way in ensuring optimum care.

Dedicated Care

Persistent and dedicated care is fundamental in all medical practices, in ensuring an all-inclusive focus on the patient’s medical condition. By offering the patient unparallel concentration, the doctor can focus on the core aspects that affect the patient without taking away the main components of the treatment process.

Multiple Focus Areas

There is a need for observation in multiple focus areas due to the availability of specialized equipment and expertise in the country. This encourages the concentration of multiple focus areas and the developing interest in different medical zones and areas.

Emergency Care

Cardiologists in Singapore offer round-the-clock twenty-four-seven holistic and medical care to their patients in the countries and neighboring countries. This care band treatment includes and is not limited to emergency care.

Common Procedures for Heart Doctors in Singapore

The cardiologist in Singapore is helping to the patient

The most common problem areas for heart doctors in Singapore include the following:


This is irregular heartbeat and palpitations. Arrhythmia may have multiple potential causes. For instance, an arrhythmia can occur before or after a heart attack and deem it potentially life-threatening to the individual in question, thereby affecting their quality of life. They can also be benign.

Symptoms of arrhythmia include dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pains, and skipping a beat. They can be triggered by alcohol, caffeine, exercise and lack of sleep.

Arrhythmias’ are not always diagnosed through physical heart examinations, and can therefore go undetected for some time. However, electrocardiograms being tests that record the electrical activity of the heart, aim to review the patient’s cardiac conditions and detect any irregular heart rhythm on the individual.

Prevention of Cardiac Arrest

If a patient is considered high risk for sudden cardiac death, they can have an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) implanted. This is a special device that monitors for fast and dangerous heart rhythms and treats them.

Foreign and Ex-pat Doctors in Singapore

Non-residents are charged considerably more than citizens when seeking healthcare. Permanent residents and Singapore citizens are eligible for healthcare subsidized by the government.


The treatments in Medisave are approved in pre-approved facilities and procedures. This enables the need for medical care to be based on the balance of individual contributions. This is designed for smaller bills.


This healthcare system is designed to cover individuals for big medical bills,  covering long and serious illnesses.

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