Homemade All Natural Skincare Recipes 

By Top.me

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The modern time has led us to a speedy and stressful way of life. The consequences of this are visible to our health, and especially on our skin.

First of all, the signs of aging are observed on our skin. Thin and susceptible skin is under the constant influence of weather conditions, radiation, pollution, and stress. That’s why our face skin requires special care, mild and delicate. After all, skin is the largest organ, and it presents our first line of defense against harmful effects.

Many cosmetic products today contain substances that act the opposite – instead of protecting our health, they damage it. The toxic elements founded in these products, our skin absorbs after many years of use. Those toxins get into the body and can cause irritation, allergies, but also more serious conditions and diseases. Thus they represent a potential danger to our health.

Natural homemade masks

The solution exists, it is only necessary to look around us. Nature is the one that heels us and where we can find all the essential ingredients for quality skin care. In the text below, we will offer you a couple of recipes for homemade skin care. In the lack of time, cosmetic products of Premier Dead Sea, made of entirely natural ingredients and minerals from the depths of the Dead Sea, can be an excellent substitute.

Mask for Removing Everyday Impurities

The beneficial effect of yeast on our health has been known since ancient times, and cosmetic industry uses it because of its anti-age effects. You can make a handy cleaning mask of products from your kitchen:

  • 10 g of dry yeast
  • Three tablespoons of lukewarm milk
  1. The procedure is that all the ingredients should be mixed for a minute or two until they create a homogeneous mixture, and leave it for 10 minutes.
  2. Remove it with lukewarm water, and freshen your face with some of the hydration products.

It’s the time that yeast needs to “work out.” When you make a gentle mix, apply it on the face with circular movements. You will notice that the mask starts to dry very quickly. Because of this ability of yeast, the mixture will act as a lifting because it improves circulation and revives the freshness of the skin. 

Sea Salt and Honey for Mild Exfoliation

The sea salt and honey are an excellent tandem for a great exfoliation, which is not aggressive towards the gentle skin. Salt granules will purify your pores, and honey has the ability to bind water cells and will prevent drying and dehydration. This tasty ingredient also has the anti-inflammatory effect, so this mask will not irritate your skin.

Sea Salt and Honey mask

Benefits of sea salt are acknowledged in the cosmetics industry and in this Premier Dead Sea review. Premium Dead Sea’s products that are created by salt from the Dead Sea, which abounds in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, chlorine, and iodine.

For this scrub, you will need:

  • Two tablespoons of crushed sea salt
  • Four tablespoons of honey
  1. Make the coating a mixture, but keep in mind that salt granules remain whole.
  2. Apply a mask on the face, preferably in a stretch position, so that the honey is not leaking.
  3. Let it dry on your face and rinse with water for 20 minutes.

You can apply this scrub to your whole body, and the procedure is the same. It can be a bit sticky, but it’s very useful and you will give your body complete care.

Mask for Eliminating the Blackheads

This very simple mask of only one ingredient will help you to get rid of blackheads. Except they look ugly, these black dots don’t allow your skin to “breath” and thus can cause various irritations and infections.

DIY egg white facemask

You will need:

  • Egg white
  • Paper napkins
  1. Whisk an egg white into the foam, and apply the mixture to the face, avoiding the eye area.
  2. Immediately stick the pieces of paper napkins, and wait until it completely adheres to the skin.
  3. The mask should rest about half an hour and then remove it in a single move.

This way you will eliminate the dead cells from the surface of the face, as well as the impurities from the pores. It is recommended that you perform this treatment before bedtime, and to apply a moisturizing cream in the thick layer after you remove the mask. During the night, the face will gradually absorb the nutritive ingredients from the cream, and you will wake up in the morning relaxed and fresh.

It is crucial that you give your face and body an adequate care to slow down the aging process. Quality nutrition and protection of the skin from harmful external influences will preserve its acid-base balance and give you a youthful and nurtured look for a long time.