How to Choose a Home Oxygen Generator?


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We’ll explain how to choose an oxygen generator in 4 categories according to the consumer type.

1. Choose According to Your Body Needs

Check the following oxygen generators for your everyday health care:

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1-2 L Oxygen Generator

In daily use, when you breathe in the maximum oxygen output concentration of 1 or 2 L oxygen generator, reaching 93%, the oxygen concentration in the alveoli is 24-26%. For adults, it can only be regarded as blood oxygen supplement without changing the symptoms.

5-10 L Oxygen Generator

Also belongs to the health + treatment type, considering that the demand is not much, and the environment where the robot is selected is different, the machine power and other requirements.

Medical treatment: patients suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma or pulmonary heart disease and other diseases, long-term oxygen will play a very good therapeutic effect.

More Than 5 l Plateau Oxygen Generator

More than 5 l belongs to the therapeutic type. When you breathe in the maximum oxygen output concentration of 5 or 8L oxygen generator, reaching 93%, the oxygen concentration in the alveoli is 33-41%. For patients, giving sufficient oxygen can improve the comprehensive immune ability of the human body, clean the respiratory system, and improve the visceral function.

Flow Rate

If oxygen concentration is above 90% repeatedly, the maximum flow rate of the oxygen generator will determine how many helicopters are in the helicopter. The flow rate includes two aspects: the oxygen flow rate with a concentration above 90% and the maximum flow rate.

Some businesses will use oxygen machine maximum flow to pretend to be medical standard concentration oxygen flow , in order to confuse the concept, we must pay attention to distinguish.

Take a 3L oxygen generator as an example. See the figure below. When you adjust the flow rate to 0.5-3L, the oxygen concentration is 93%, which is a normal value. When the flow rate is adjusted to 4 and 5L, the oxygen concentration rapidly decreases to 82%-78%. This oxygen flow rate is a false flow rate.

How to judge the oxygen machine business misleading publicity to the flow? When buying 5L oxygen machine, ask the seller, can oxygen concentration reach 90% above? Check the true oxygen concentration using a third party instrument.

2. Choose According to Product Quality

It is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge the quality of the product. What you should pay attention to?

The Warranty 

The longer the warranty time, the better. The key is the warranty of the whole machine, not the warranty of some parts. Some manufacturers and businesses play word games.

Look at the Brand

The priority is to choose a big brand, under the emphasis, is not the brand bigger on a certain quality is better, it is recommended to choose the specific production of oxygen machine brand, the operation industry has been specializing in is the fundamental to do a good job of products.


Now the network is so developed, you can find the accessories of each product, such as compressor and molecular sieve. If you can’t find them online, you can ask the customer service what brand of accessories are used.


Powerful oxygen generator manufacturers will export to Japan, Europe, North America and other international markets. The ability to export to these markets indicates that the technology of the manufacturer meets international standards.

Look at imported brands OEM

International brands will look for domestic oxygen machine manufacturers to do OEM, if you think imported oxygen machine is too expensive, you can go to the outer packing of imported oxygen machine, see who the manufacturer is, buy their machines, the quality is also good, domestic manufacturers micro innovation technology reflects the wisdom of the Chinese people.

3. Choose According to Product Functions

Oxygen generator with a remote control on white background

Built-in Oxygen Concentration Monitoring

Currently, HIGH-END machines on the market generally use BD clear LIQUID crystal display screen, and equipped with oxygen monitoring device for detection, which can check the oxygen production concentration of the machine in real time. This function has money to buy, do not have no concern also, regular manufacturer can press national requirement, oxygen concentration is under 82% must alarm.

It is recommended to buy a oximeter instead. Oximeter has the advantage of knowing your body’s blood oxygen concentration. If you’re breathing oxygen, but you’re still not feeling well, and your oximeter tests show that the number is too low, aggressive treatment can be taken immediately. According to my experience, the oxygen concentration test carried by the oxygen generator is generally too high, so I usually use third-party testing instruments to determine the oxygen concentration of the generator.

Atomization Function

It is not recommended to buy an atomizer with atomization function. If necessary, you can buy a separate atomizer. 90% of people do not use the atomization function. 2.1 the core function of the oxygen generator is to produce oxygen. 

Oxygen generator with atomization function, atomization efficiency, granularity is not as high as the single atomization machine efficiency, the patient absorption is not so full.

The reason why the hospital should be used together is because it is an industrial integration to facilitate nurses and doctors to treat patients, if the mist machine is used alone to atomize patients. Every bedside should prepare a fog machine, the workload of the hospital, custody, the cost will increase, the hospital from the convenient management, save cost Angle, and the patient should be the best treatment effect for the Angle.

Same brand, oxygen generator without atomization is more affordable. Wool in sheep, you add a atomization function, on the manufacturer will increase the cost, cost or your own pay.

The machine with atomization function has a higher after-sales rate. Atomizing function of oxygen generator, need to connect a separate hole out, if there is a fault in the interface, it will lead to insufficient concentration and pressure of oxygen generator.

No atomization function of imported oxygen generator. Why does the imported oxygen generator have no atomization function? Is their technology not as advanced as ours? No, because after their research, they don’t think it’s necessary to integrate the atomization function of the oxygen generator into the oxygen generator.

Blood Oxygen Solubility Test

It is suitable for patients with severe disease and should be monitored regularly. Non-severe patients may not use this function. It is more convenient to carry, keep and test the blood oxygen meter separately.

Choose According to Economic Ability

The larger the number of liters, the larger the size of the compressor, the more molecular sieve, the higher the price. In economic conditions allow the case as far as possible to choose the high price of the machine, the reason is that the high price of the machine is generally long life, less noise, less after sales.

Lung patients suggest that 5L machines actually save money, why say so? 

We have come into contact with many patients who have developed from bronchitis to emphysema, copd and bullae. In the early stage, they bought 2-3L oxygen generator and were hospitalized repeatedly. Later, the doctor suggested that you buy a disease ventilator, so you must use a 5L oxygen machine. If you bought a 3L oxygen machine at first, you may have to buy another 5L machine.