How You Can Prepare for Your Breast Augmentation Procedure


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Even though getting breast implants is a very safe process, there are still a few steps that you need to take in the weeks leading up to your operation.

With a little bit of planning and some simple lifestyle changes, you can minimize your risk of unnecessary complications and potentially speed up your recovery. Following your doctor’s pre-op and post-op instructions could also increase the lifespan of your breast implants, and some patients are now enjoying those devices for 10 years or longer with the proper aftercare.

Going Over the Basics of Breast Implants

The very first thing that you will want to do is to spend a little bit of your own time researching the breast augmentation procedure. As a general rule, the goal of the augmentation procedure is to increase the size of the breasts with shells that contain silicone or saline.

Different types of breast implants are on the table against a blue background

There are now a few different types of shells to choose from, and you might want to take a look at all of your options so that you understand the pros and cons of each. The operation usually takes at least two or three hours to complete depending on the size of the implants, the incision location, and where the shells will be placed. While every patient is different, most implants now last for at least 10 years.

Contacting Your Surgeon

This is a highly personalized procedure that requires quite a bit of skill, and that is why you should seek out the best plastic surgeon in Dallas. You want to be absolutely sure that your surgeon has extensive experience with this particular operation so that they can create natural results.

During your first meeting with the plastic surgeon, you are going to discuss your cosmetic goals as well as your medical history. With that information, the surgeon can help you decide on the shape of your implants and how large they should be. They are also going to give you more information regarding what you can do to prepare for the operation.

Changing Your Lifestyle Habits

As long as you are a relatively healthy adult, then you will most likely make an excellent candidate. That being said, your surgeon might ask you to make a few important lifestyle changes. In most cases, patients who are getting ready for cosmetic surgery should try to get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and follow a healthy diet in the weeks leading up to their operations.

If you are currently using any tobacco products, then you will need to quit those as well. Using tobacco products before or after your procedure will increase your risk of post-op complications. Your surgeon might also ask you to make some slight alterations to any over-the-counter or prescription medications that you are taking.

What will My Procedure Be Like?

Your procedure is going to be carried out with a local anesthetic or strong sedative, and that means you are going to be asleep throughout the operation. Once you are fully asleep, the surgical team will make one small incision for each implant. They can then insert the implants into the breast cavities and partially suture the incisions shut.

A doctor in a blue glove draws where the incision for each breast implant is going to be

The area will also be wrapped in a compression garment to minimize swelling and protect the soft tissue. As long as you aren’t dealing with any unusual complications, you should be able to head home within a few hours of the operation. By the fifth or sixth week, the average breast augmentation patient can resume all everyday activities.