Injections of Youth: 10 Vital Tips on Botox Use


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Botox is a miracle drug that has an uncanny ability to reverse your aging process. In fifteen minutes you’ll get a flawless skin that is free from wrinkles, dryness, stretch marks, spots, acne and moles. 

If you want to get the most of Botox, here are some vital tips to know. 

10 Tips You Should Know About Botox

The doctor keeps syringe at girl's face before botox injection procedure

1. Find an Experienced Doctor 

First and foremost, choose a certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for this job who are trained to do Botox. There are several beauticians who claim to be experts in this field but the truth is – they did a weekend crash course to administer Botox injections! Avoid them at all costs.

2. Be an Informed Patient

After finalizing your doctor, spend some time researching the side effects of Botox on your skin. Bruising, muscle weakness, pain, swelling, dizziness, flu, redness, bleeding and neck pain are some of the effects that you can see after Botox injections. Always discuss your worst fears with the doctor and opt for this procedure only when you have received satisfactory answers.

3. Charges

Always ask your doctor to charge you per unit instead of the facial area covered. On an average, a single unit of Botox shall set you back by $13. In case you are opting to cover a large area of your face (such as under the eyes and forehead), you can opt for a comprehensive fee ($300 to $500 for a 3 months duration) for the complete treatment.

4. Is It Painful?

An average Botox procedure takes no more than 10 minutes and the injection pain is less than a mosquito’s bite. You would not feel more than a ‘slight prick’. 

5. Swelling and Redness Issue

Post the application of Botox injection, the area tends to become red. Bruise marks, redness of the skin and swelling around the injected area lasts from a few minutes to a day, then completely disappears.

6. Results 

Botox is not a miracle drug that displays results the instant it is administered onto your facial skin. It usually takes one week from the date of administration for the final results to show up. Once the results are visible, you shall have a completely transformed look and your facial skin would appear youthful.

7. Is Botox Safe?

Botox injections have their share of side effects. Swelling, bruises, redness of the skin, blurred vision, pain, bleeding and muscle weakness are some of the adverse side effects that you may experience after injections. Please remember that while some of these side effects may disappear in less than one hour, others may take a few weeks to disappear.

8. How to Remove Botox

If you wish to remove Botox from your face, you should allow your body to do this naturally. A few months (5 months to be precise) should be sufficient to get rid of this drug from within your body. Nonetheless, you may try “heat therapies” or “massages” to flush Botox out of your system quicker.

9. How Long Does It Take?

A Botox application usually lasts 3 to 5 months, after which, its effects start to wean. Nonetheless, some individuals with a high metabolism may require Botox treatment every two months.

10. Preventive Methods

It is advisable that you administer Botox before the damage to your facial skin has taken place. For example, if you are scared of frowning lines on your forehead, administer light doses of Botox on your forehead even before those lines have actually surfaced. This would help you save money by avoiding heavier doses once the frown lines set in.

How to Fix Common Botox Mistakes?

the girl with a scared face as four syringes with botox are close to her face

Frozen Face

When excessive amounts of Botox is injected into your face, the facial muscles stop responding to your command. This leads to a frozen face. There is no quick fix to it. You need to wait for the extra Botox to be flushed out of your system naturally. 

Droopy Eyelids

Droopy eyelids are a resultant of excessive Botox application onto your forehead area. When the frontalis muscles are over-relaxed, they tend to push the eyebrows downwards thereby forcing them to droop. Once again, the excessive Botox would take its own sweet time to wear off.

Lopsided Look

Sometimes when botox is injected incorrectly into areas that control your facial muscles, you may suffer from a lopsided smile or a facial droop. You may visit a qualified doctor to check if it can be fixed, else allow it to wear off naturally.

Puffed Lower Eyelid

Excessive injection of Botox may cause your orbicularis oculi muscle group to become excessively relaxed thereby increasing the swelling under your eyelid. You may opt for “Eyelid Thermage Treatment” or “Fraxel Therapy” to reduce the swelling.