Maximizing the Results of Your Facelift Surgery


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If you are tired of dealing with excess fat and age-related imperfections throughout the lower half of the face, then you might want to take a closer look at the facelift procedure.

That advanced operation is more popular than ever, and it could be exactly what you need to achieve your cosmetic goals. Within weeks of your facelift procedure, you should be back on your feet with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance that makes you look years younger. The results of this procedure can also last for years with the proper aftercare and healthy lifestyle habits.

What Exactly Is a Facelift?

The facelift procedure is a cosmetic operation that is designed to minimize or completely erase unwanted blemishes throughout the lower half of the face. As you can see from the facelift before and after photos, this operation can help you address a myriad of facial imperfections, and that includes deep lines around the nose and mouth, sunken cheeks, and loose skin along the jowls.

a middle age woman shows the results of before and after facelift operation

All of those imperfections can be reduced or erased by gently sculpting the nearby skin through small incisions near the ears. Some patients also have this procedure combined with other lifts and tucks to minimize the appearance of age-related imperfections around the eyes and forehead.

Getting Ready for Your Operation

In order to enjoy a quick and relatively comfortable recovery, you should spend a little bit of time getting ready for your operation. After you have carried out some research online and looked over a few facelift before and after photos, you will then need to schedule your initial consultation with the surgeon. That appointment is highly important because it will give your surgeon the opportunity to explain the procedure in detail and give you more pre-op instructions.

In most cases, cosmetic surgeons are going to suggest that patients do everything in their power to remain as healthy as possible. That includes:

  • getting plenty of rest
  • staying hydrated
  • following a healthy diet
  • exercising

Patients will also need to spend a little bit of time setting up a recovery area where they can relax after the procedure. If you are currently taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications, then you will need to speak with your surgeon about those as well.

Taking Care of Your Skin After Your Facelift

This procedure usually takes around two or three hours to complete, and the majority of patients can head home on the same day. After the procedure, you should plan on recovering in bed for at least a few days while the inflammation and discoloration fade away.

A woman has a  follow-up appointment with the doctor after the facelift procedure


Once those side effects are beginning to disappear, you should then be able to walk around on your own as long as you are careful. By the second or third weeks, patients must usually schedule a follow-up appointment so that the surgeon can ensure there are no post-op complications. At that point, you will be given further instructions on what you can do to preserve the results for many years to come.