Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removals


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Want to get rid of your old tattoo? Your best option is a laser treatment.

There are two famous laser treatment option that have widely received positive feedback: Alex Trivantage and Picoway Laser Treatment. These two types of laser treatments are safer than traditional CO2 laser that can easily cause burn and severe scarring on the skin.

Benefits of Alex Trivantage Laser Treatment

Alex Trivantage laser treatment uses Q-Switch technology to break down tattoo pigments into tiny molecules. It does not create a hot feeling in the area where the laser is directed at. Because of this, there is a lower chance that your skin will suffer from damages such as changes in the skin color. It is also suitable for removing birthmarks that you don’t want people to see. It can safely remove birthmarks on the neck, face, and thighs.

Alex Trivantage Laser Treatment

Alex Trivantage laser treatment can use two types of wavelengths including 532 nm and 755 nm to remove the pigmented lesions. Additionally, it is also equipped with a long pulse mod that features a pulse width within the range of 100 microsecond. The benefits of using the long pulse width to treat the pigment is that it can reduce the chances of developing post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Alex Trivantage laser is able to read all the colors used in the tattoos and target each one of them individually. You have to undergo more treatments if your tattoo is larger.

Benefits of Picoway Laser Treatment

Picoway laser treatment uses the picosecond technology developed by Syneron Candela to shatter the ink pigments of the tattoo. It is able to shatter the ink pigments at a faster rate compared to the nanoseconds system. Picoway uses non ionizing laser that will not cause cancer unlike ionizing laser like X-Ray or radiations emitted from a nuclear explosion. The technician will input the best settings that matches with your skin profile to reduce the chances of developing scars. It is safe to undergo picoway laser treatment just 2 – 3 weeks after you have received the tattoo. After the laser treatment, it will take 2 – 4 weeks for the patient to recover. They will perform a patch test to see if you will have any serious reactions if the tattoo covers a large area of the skin. There will be symptoms such as white frosted crust or redness or minor swelling on the treated area but it is very rare to see blistering.

Regardless of which type of laser treatment you choose, you must go to an established clinic that is equipped with certified skin therapists. Only certified skin therapists are trained in implementing the protocol of the Picoway laser equipment. You must never let a therapist that is not trained carry out the laser treatment as it can cause serious scarring on your skin.