Reshape Your Midsection With Abdominoplasty


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Losing a significant amount of weight could be one of the best things that you ever do for your mind and body, and that process is going to greatly reduce your risk of many different health complications. Burning off excess fat is also going to have a huge impact on your confidence, but you could end up with loose abdominal tissue that won’t seem to disappear on its own. If you are interested in sculpting a flat and toned midsection, then you might be the perfect tummy tuck candidate.

Will My Skin Ever Shrink on Its Own?

A woman holding her excess skin on the belly

After giving birth or lose a significant amount of weight through dietary restrictions, you will most likely be left with some loose skin throughout the midsection. Slowly losing weight can offset how much loose skin remains, but that tactic isn’t completely foolproof. Even if you burn off fat very slowly, your skin is still going to lose some of its elasticity over the years. Some companies claim that their creams and gels are will shrink loose skin, but those products are rarely effective. In order to quickly and safely remove excess skin, you might want to undergo the tummy tuck procedure.

A Look at the Surgery

The tummy tuck procedure is highly personalized, and every patient has different needs and goals. In most cases, this operation is going to begin with the patient being given a general anesthetic that keeps them asleep throughout the procedure. The surgeon will then make one small incision just below the waistline in the natural curves of the patient’s body. Once the incision has been made, they will be able to remove small pockets of fat, excise skin, adjust the underlying muscles, and repair the abdominal wall.

Recovering from the tummy tuck procedure is a multi-week process, but the average patient is able to move around after just a few days. As long as the incisions and soft tissue are healing properly, they might even be able to return to work after a week or two. At that point, they will need to schedule a follow-up consultation with their surgeon for further instructions. In most cases, patients can resume all activities within four or five weeks.

Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos

A woman showing her belly photo before and after tummy tuck surgery

All those who are interested in this procedure should skim over some tummy tuck before and after photos to get a better idea of what can be accomplished. It is also important to schedule an initial consultation with a local cosmetic surgeon. An experienced surgeon can explain every aspect of this operation and give you more information regarding what types of results you can expect. As long as you have realistic expectations, are relatively healthy, and have been able to maintain a steady weight, then you will most likely make an excellent candidate.