Restore Your Confidence With Breast Augmentation Surgery


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If you are unhappy with your appearance because of the size or placement of your breasts, then you could be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

With cutting-edge breast implants, a skilled surgeon will be able to enhance your breasts by one or more cup sizes and improve the overall shape of your body. Studies continue to show us that the breast augmentation procedure is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments on the market, and patients often enjoy the results for 10 years or longer. This procedure could be exactly what you need to feel completely comfortable with your appearance.

An Overview of Breast Implants

A breast implant is nothing more than a small shell that is filled with saline or silicone. The material that is placed inside the shell is going to have a big impact on how the procedure is carried out as well as what the breasts feel like after the operation.

While saline implants are typically easier to insert, they sometimes stiff or hard. Silicone implants, on the other hand, feel very natural once they are in the breasts. Unfortunately, they also require slightly bigger incisions because they must be completely filled before they are inserted.

A girl checks the breast implants before breast augmentation

Each implant is inserted through one small incision, and the location of the incision is determined by the size of the implant shell, which type of material is being used, and the patient’s preferences.

In most cases, the incisions are made on the lower curve of each breast or along the natural borders of the areolas. Those incision options are often considered to be ideal because the scars usually become nearly invisible over time. It is also easy to remove or replace the implants at a later date when the incisions are very close to the breast cavities.

The Implant Procedure

This popular procedure usually takes around two or three hours to complete, and most patients are given a general anesthetic that puts them completely to sleep.

Once the patient asleep, the surgeon is going to mark the treatment sites before making the incisions. They can then adjust the tissue before inserting each breast implant.

After the implants are in place and tissue has been adjusted, a compression garment is placed over the breasts to minimize swelling and discomfort.

What About a Breast Lift?

The primary goal of breast augmentation surgery is to enhance the size of the breasts, but that won’t have a big impact on where the breasts sit on the chest. If you want perkier breasts, then breast lift surgery might be a better option.

During that operation, the surgeon is going to carefully adjust the tissue so that the breasts appear symmetrical and well-balanced. Breast lift surgery is also an excellent option for anyone who has oversized areolas or asymmetrical nipples that they would like to address. As an added bonus, a breast lift can also be added to the augmentation procedure to completely revitalize the chest.

Where to Get Started

If you think that you might be interested in either of these operations, then you should contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon and schedule your first consultation. That meeting will give you the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of each procedure and ask any questions that you might have.

A girl is doing check up at the doctor's before breast augmentation procedure

Your surgeon can also go over your medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for any type of cosmetic operation. You and your surgeon will then be able to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that is going to help you achieve all of your cosmetic goals.