STDs On The Rise: How To Protect Yourself


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While sex is an enjoyable experience for many people, it does have its share of consequences. The risk of pregnancy is certainly one. However, the biggest consequence is actually sexually transmitted diseases.

With very few cures existing to treat STDs, they continue to rise in number. While STDs don’t always impact your overall health, they can still be a bother to exist with in the long run. Then, of course, there are those STDs that do impact your health and can change it entirely. HIV and AIDs, for example, are one of the most detrimental STDs that you can receive.

Not only can it eventually cause your death, but it can severely impact your health and make something as simple as a cold or flu become something that might end your life. Protecting yourself from STDs is important. This article will discuss how you can keep yourself safe and what to do if you do believe that you have an STD. 

Talk To Partners

No one likes to bring up STDs when meeting a potential lover and relationship, but it’s an important step in protecting yourself in remaining STD-free. Whether it’s a casual hookup or part of a relationship, you should bring up the subject with your partner. For casual hookups, it’s not a bad idea to have them bring an STD test that has been updated recently. You can do the same to assure them, too. The test can be considered a ticket in order for sex to be achieved. 

For romantic partners, you can wait to have the conversation until you’re at that point in your relationship. The biggest problem that you may be faced with initially is oral herpes or other oral STDs. Before you know if your partner suffers from an oral STD, you shouldn’t share drinks with them and you should wait to go in for that kiss before you know. 

Understandably, this subject can be touchy for certain people. You should approach the subject casually rather than accusatory. You should assure them that it doesn’t impact your opinion of them. Instead, you desire to know to keep yourself protected and healthy. 

Get Tested

For those who think they may have an STD, you should get tested immediately. You can do this in the privacy of your own using an at home STD test or you can visit your healthcare provider or nearest clinic. By knowing, you can better protect yourself and others. It’s your duty to stop the spread and inform other partners for their protection.

Physical Protection

If you find out that your partner does have an STD, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have sex with them. There are protections that you can put into place to keep yourself STD-free. The first is to always use a condom. This limits the chances of contracting the STD yourself.

You may also want to consider keeping your pants on to limit the amount of skin that touches theirs. Finally, you may only wish to engage in protected sex with them when their STD isn’t flared up. 

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