The 6 Dos and Don’ts of Tooth Extraction Recovery


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If you’ve never had a tooth extracted before, then you might feel tense about your up and coming extraction.

With a great dentist and the proper tooth extraction recovery protocols, you have nothing to worry about, however. Recovery after tooth extractions is a breeze if you know all the dos and don’ts. Below, in our guide, is everything you need to know about recovery after tooth extraction surgery. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Do Take Time Off and Meds as Prescribed

A girl with a tooth pain. A girl is holding her hand on her cheek because of the tooth pain

We know getting a tooth pulled is nothing like major surgery, but it’s still essential you take time off of work to rest and recover. Your dentist will most likely prescribe you antibiotics and pain killers to help you throughout the recovery process. Be sure to allow your body enough time to relax and recover before returning to work. This is especially true if you were placed under general anesthesia. 

2. Do Apply Ice Packs

The area where your tooth was pulled will be swollen for a few days. You’ll see this swelling on your face or cheeks. Do apply an ice pack on the swollen area, since ice packs are great for any toothache. The ice pack will help with the swelling and will relieve some of the pain as well. Do this each time you lie down even if the pain medication is relieving most of the pain.

3. Do Read Your Recovery Instructions

Your dentist will most likely send you home with recovery instructions and instructions on how to properly care for the area and prevent infections. Do read through the entire instructions or paperwork given to you by your dentist. These papers include important information and a lot of the answers to questions you might have. 

4. Do Rinse Your Mouth

The guy is ready to rinse his mouth

Brushing or flossing around the area where the tooth was pulled could cause the blood clot to break. You don’t want this to happen. The blood clot is part of the healing process.Instead, rinse your mouth with warm water after eating. This is the best way to clean your mouth until you’re able to brush and floss normally. Stay away from mouthwashes or rinses for now as well. Only use the warm-water method. 

5. Don’t Use a Straw

Once a tooth is pulled, you’re left with a hole in your gums. A blood clot will form over this hole and will begin the recovery/healing process. When you drink from a straw, the sucking motion can cause the blood clot to break. This isn’t good for the area and should be avoided at all costs. 

6. Don’t Eat Solid Foods

You don’t want to eat a bunch of solid foods either. The best tooth extraction foods to eat are soft foods that pose no harm to the area. Smoothies, room temperature mashed potatoes, yogurts, soups, and other similar foods are all great choices. Chew carefully and take things slow no matter what type of food you’re eating, though. 

Keep these tips in mind and don’t forget to read through all your dentist’s paperwork as well for the best recovery outcome.