The Benefits of Fat Transfer Procedures


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Sticking to a strict exercise routine will help you create eye-catching curves, but you might be fighting against your genetics. Many people have a naturally flat posterior, and it is very difficult to increase the size of your buttocks without professional assistance. While implants can be useful in some situations, many people now prefer the fat transfer procedure. Here is a quick look at some of the benefits of fat grafting as well as a few of the most frequently asked questions about cosmetic surgery.

Starting With Liposuction

One of the reasons why fat grafting has become so popular is because it is a safe and effective way to eradicate problematic fatty tissue from various areas of the body. When you work with the best plastic surgeon in New York, they will be able to safely and quickly remove unwanted pockets of fat from the stomach, flanks, back, or upper arms. Naturally metabolizing fat in those areas of the body is incredibly difficult, and that is why so many people undergo liposuction every single year. Instead of wasting all of that healthy tissue that is going to be removed, you might want to consider using it to augment your buttocks.

Why Fat Grafting?

Your posterior must withstand quite a bit of pressure whenever you sit down or activate your glutes, and that is one of the reasons why many medical professionals suggest that patients avoid buttocks implants. Fat grafting, on the other hand, is a safe and effective treatment option that is going to stand up to your lifestyle habits. As long as you follow all of the surgeon’s aftercare instructions and continue to maintain your overall health, the results should last for years.

Female body before and after liposuction. Surgical fat transfer.

Another reason why many people now opt for fat grafting is because post-op complications are exceedingly rare. The surgeon is going to use your own tissue during this operation, and that means there is a very low risk of your body rejecting the materials. Once the fat has been transferred and the tissue has fully healed, your posterior is going to look and feel completely natural. Other than your enhanced curves, you will probably notice no other side effects.

Developing Your Personalized Operation

This entire operation is carried out over the course of a few steps, but the procedure itself should only take two or three hours. After you meet with your surgeon, you can then set a future date for the surgery. In between the initial consultation and your procedure, you should try to stay as healthy as possible. Your surgeon will most likely suggest that you get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, exercise, avoid tobacco products, and follow a healthy diet. On the day of your procedure, you will need to arrive in comfortable clothing and have a loved one ready to take you home.

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The procedure can typically be completed in two or three hours, but some operations take longer if larger pockets of fat must be transferred. Once the anesthetic has been administered and you are fully asleep, the surgical team will carefully remove fat from the area that you would like to slim down. The fat is then processed and inserted into the buttocks or another treatment site. The final step in the procedure is suturing the incisions closed so that compression garments can be wrapped around the body. While you should notice the results right away, it will probably take at least four or five weeks for the inflammation, discoloration, and tenderness to completely disappear.