The Benefits of Teletherapy Speech Therapy


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During the pandemic, many things had to be switched to virtual visits. All sorts of appointments and therapies developed ways to continue helping those patients that still needed them while protecting themselves and those patients from the dangers of Covid-19.

The pandemic forced a technological advance. Some offices might not have been initially prepared for the change, but it was due to happen anyway. With all the ways we have to communicate these days, there is no reason that every appointment needs be in person. The Covid pandemic was the perfect proving ground for things like Teletherapy Speech Therapy. It proved that they could still provide the same high-quality therapy but done by either telephone or video.

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The changes have opened up whole new avenues and options for patients to seek the therapy they desire in a way that best suits them. Though as vaccines came out, some people chose to return to in-person visits, there’s a surprisingly large amount that preferred doing things at a distance.

Teletherapy is just as Effective as the Traditional Model

Some studies have shown that teletherapy is just as effective as traditional in-person therapy options. The speech therapy industry has been conducting therapy by phone and video for over thirty years. Covid-19 broadened the number of patients who had access to that kind of care.

Teletherapy practices have been around in the speech therapy industry for upwards of thirty years. However, the pandemic has undoubtedly created an expansion in the industry, one that is likely to keep growing. It’s always been clear that the methods used in speech therapy can be just as effective through voice or video sessions as they are in person.

Secure and Convenient

Teletherapy sessions are safe and secure. If conducted online, encryptions and protections are in place to ensure that your data and information are inaccessible to anyone other than your therapist. As we’ve grown into a medical community online, there have been adaptations to ensure that patient security and privacy are a priority.

Convenience is one of the top benefits of working with a teletherapy professional for your speech therapy needs. Appointments add up, and they all take up time. Sometimes you have to take time off of work to make the appointment so that you’re within the office hours.

Not with telehealth therapy. You can make your appointments just about anywhere. If you need to do it during work, you can schedule it during your lunchtime. People have even used their cars to make sessions easier for them.

Most, however, enjoy doing their therapy sessions from the comfort of their own home. Often this can create a deeper connection between the client and the therapist. It’s almost as if you can invite your speech therapist into your home. Seeing your environment where you are most comfortable may give your therapist insights they didn’t have with you visiting only at the office.

Teletherapy Can Help Children Meet Therapy Goals

Children are perhaps the best example of the benefits of telemedicine and how it can be highly effective. Although when we are older, we are set in our ways and tend to get slightly uncomfortable when things change too much. Having a conversation with a therapist on the phone or via video call is sometimes awkward for adults. Children, and teenagers, are accustomed to doing everything through technology. Often therapists will see that the teenager who is reserved or less engaged in the process is particularly engaged when switched to teletherapy.

Speech therapy is often applied to children, as they get significant benefits from the sessions at this early age.

Most children meet their therapy goals more efficiently through teletherapy than they do with in-person visits. Because they are so comfortable and familiar with the technology. Many of them have spent the last year of school doing classes through computer screens. They are at home and comfortable with the methodology.

Teletherapy Increases Access to Care

Going into a speech therapy appointment isn’t as simple as just a ten-minute car drive for some people. They live in rural areas, and those trips to the doctor or the therapist can be an all-day event. As a result, it can be challenging to make the time for these appointments no matter how badly the therapy is needed. However, when it comes to speech therapy, it’s so critical to the patient’s wellbeing that they will strain themselves to make time, especially for their children.

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Being able to provide speech therapy via telehealth has given it an accessibility that it never had before. It’s wonderful that even patients who live well outside the city can still get the same high-quality care and sessions that they would get at an in-person visit.

Telemedicine and teletherapy are the future of the medical and therapeutic fields. The providers are already aware of the importance of this advancement. However, patients are slower to realize that they can get the same quality care without ever setting foot in the office. As patients slowly realize the therapy they receive over the phone or video is just as effective as in-person sessions, we’re likely to see a shift to the virtual space.

Insurance companies have adapted to include telehealth visits in their care plans. Having coverage makes it even easier for patients to make appointments and afford the therapy they need.

Speech therapy can change the life of a child. Because we are a society that relies heavily on verbal communication, those who suffer from untreated speech difficulties will have a much more challenging life. Expanding speech therapy into the realm of teletherapy has made it so that it is accessible and more manageable for those who need it the most.