The Health and Beauty Benefits to Giving Up Drinking Alcohol


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Alcohol is something most people enjoy from time to time, but like many things that are enjoyable, it is not that good for your body and general looks. Heavy drinking has been shown on the faces of many celebrities who are known for partying hard as leaving them looking tired, bloated, and older than they actually are.



If you are currently drinking regularly, while you may not actually have the kind of habit that would require alcohol addiction treatment or any kind of program to help you give up (such as you can get at professional facilities like Beachway Therapy if you really are concerned that you have a problem with alcohol), you can still get some significant beauty benefits from abstaining. Here is why:


It is well known that being well hydrated is important to looking and feeling your best. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, meaning it makes you pee more and literally saps moisture out of your body. Many of the symptoms of a hangover such as headaches and dry mouth are known to be caused by the dehydrating effect of booze, but this can also have an impact on your looks. Your skin will look dry and dull when you are dehydrated, but also, dehydration causes your body to retain water, so heavy drinkers end up with a bloated face and stomach. If you quit drinking, you will soon find your skin in much brighter condition, and that you will look slimmer as your body stops compensating for the diuretic effect by hanging on to extra water.

If you don’t stop drinking, replacing every other alcoholic drink with water can help combat dehydration, along with drinking plenty of water before bed and when you wake up.


Alcohol is great for fueling a night out, and is also actually a pretty good fuel for your body, with a high caloric content. Of course, these are empty calories with no real nutritional value, and can easily make you gain weight. Most regular drinkers, including those who drink a small amount with dinner every day and those who only drink on a big night out once a week, experience easy weight loss when they give up. If you want to lose weight without quitting altogether, swap calorie heavy beers and rich wines for lighter drinks like spirits with calorie free mixers like Diet Coke or soda water. Did you ever wonder how much calories are in popular drinks? We have a alcohol calories calculator here.


Alcohol can cause your eyes to look bloodshot, which is never an ideal look! Tiredness and toxins from too much partying can also create dark shadows under the eyes. If you want your eyes to look bright, fresh and young, giving up drinking is the best way. If that is not for you, using moisturizing eye drops as part of your beauty kit can help you look good after a long night!

Alcohol is fun, but it really isn’t good for prolonged or overly regular use if you want to look your best.