The History of Spas and Spa Treatments


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With each passing day, spas are spearheading holistic health and wellness campaign. Most individuals are striving to lead a health-conscious life, and baths are assisting in the process. Spa parlors are the center of mindful wellbeing as well as nutrition.

Various spas, including Armonia Spa, are offering multiple types of massages, beauty spas, shiatsu, among other tailored treatments to meet each person’s demands. Modern-day spas have deep roots have grown into some of the greatest and longstanding health practices worldwide.

Are you interested in learning about the origin of spas and spa treatment? Below is a brief history that you should know. 

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The Origin of Spas 

Most people tend to associate ancient spas with Roman baths as there’s evidence of spa-like therapies which date back thousands of years ago.

The first recorded accounts of bathing getting used as a curative procedure were by an ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates who lived between 400 and 370 B.C.

He had proposed that most of the ailments affecting human beings were as a result of body imbalance. The procedure of using bathing as treatment is known as balneotherapy and is what laid the founding fundamentals of spa activities. 

The Spa’s Renaissance 

It wasn’t long after spa treatment experienced a touch of luxury. The therapy got taken across the USA, where the 1st mass audience spa got established in Saratoga Springs N.Y. By the year 1815, there were other two major green revival hotels with almost 500 accommodation rooms where people flocked to take solace in the modernized experience. 

In the year 1910, Elizabeth Arden introduced the 1st ever day spa. It was known as the Manhattan red door salon. It offered facials, manicures, and more of the modern-day experience. 

Inclusive Indulgence 

The demand for spas continued to increase, and these establishments proliferated. Spa parlors continue to offer niche services to their clients.

In the Roman era is was the gents who were the primary patrons of spas. Over the centuries, the perception has changed, and it’s a place where teens, children, and all adults can indulge in during their opening hours.

The Contemporary Spa 

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The world continues to experience an expansion in today’s day demographics. Theirs a complete redefinition which continues to develop gradually. The majority of the spa parlors in the 1980s, as well as early 2000s, were majorly luxury establishments. These spas had lavish service treatment where customers had a great time with a top off with a warm afternoon tea.

However, that isn’t the case with contemporary spas. Most of today’s leading day spas focus on intrinsic wellbeing and health. It’s the definitive goal, whether its deep tissue massage or carefully-customized spa breaks, which get aimed to gain specific benefits like a detox. 

Global Spa Trends 

Various modern spas seek to come up with an exciting and efficient treatment plan for all their guests. Wellness practice is the center of comprehensive spa treatment as others try to offer eco-friendly services. Various spas, including Armonia Spa, have tailored treatments to meet the needs of their clients. The future of spa resorts and spa treatment is bright and often a thrilling exposure to a holistic approach to general wellness.