The Ultimate Guide to Choose Top Quality CBD Oil in the Market


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Cannabinoid oil is popularly known as CBD oil and is widely expanding in the market due to its ability to successfully treat a variety of problems that range from daily ailments to chronic pain; this includes anxiety, acne, arthritis, panic disorder, obesity, psoriasis, post-traumatic disorder, autism, epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s, dermatitis, muscle spasms as well as loss of appetite. Also, the CBD oil is being widely used to treat alcoholism too.

On understanding the benefits, if you’re wondering where to buy CBD oil that ensures quality and in return, effective results then our article will help you with the same.

The Top Factors That Influence the Quality of CBD Oil.

Manufacturing CBD Oil

There are numerous ways in which the CBD oil, as well as its products, are made and out of it, the products made using cheap extraction methods that involve toxic solvents can be cheap but can be harmful too; such solvents include propane, hexane, pentane and butane. Another method is the usage of ethanol (grain alcohol) in extraction that removes unnecessary toxic residues; this assures of comparatively high cannabinoids than that of any other extraction methods.

The last method is called the supercritical co2 extraction; in this method, the carbon dioxide gas is used under extremely cold environment. This method is comparatively costly and therefore the products made of the same is comparatively costlier too but the purity is completely maintained, and as a result, you can get complete benefit of the same.

Ideally, you can check for the method used on the product label, or you can contact the customer service help desk to know the same.

Knowing the Source of the Product

The hemp plant, which is the source of CBD oil, is popularly known as a hyper-accumulator; this is due to the fact that the plant has the tendency to absorb any kind of mineral or salt present in the soil. This means, for example, if the plant has been cultivated in the soil which has abundant mercury or lead, the product oil will reflect the same; this means that you can be vulnerable to possible health risks.

Ideally, you can check for the cultivation location on the product label; alternatively, you can test the CBD oil in the local laboratory to know the same. Also, you can have a look at the farmer’s license; this is because licenses will be provided to those cultivating in the adequate conditions that ensure the good health of the consumers.

The Presence of THC

THC is a very interesting component; the excessive percentage of the same can make you feel very high or can cause health problems too. Ideally, the percentage of THC must be maximum of 0.3% to avoid side effects like dizziness; interestingly, in marijuana CBD oil, the percentage is comparatively high, and that is one of the reasons why the marijuana CBD oil is not legal in many places.

The Type of Spectrum Label

Generally, there are two types of spectrums: the whole plant or the full spectrum and the isolates. The former consists of all the components of the cannabis plant in the CBD oil product; this means that if you consume CBD oil or such products, you will be benefitted from the other components too; such components include terpenes, flavonoids as well as other cannabinoids.

On the other hand, the products of the latter consists only of CBD and is a good choice if you like to treat any pain or discomfort; the same is getting popular in the market due to its plain taste as compared to the full spectrum products which have a slightly bitter taste due to the presence of other components. Also, CBD isolate products are comparatively cheaper and are a great choice if you like to have budgeted investment in treatment.

The Lab Results of Independent Parties

Independent parties are those who are not related to the company in any manner like monetarily, holding company-subsidiary company relationship, family-run companies, etc.; this is important because such laboratories will give you accurate results with no possibility of influence and thus you can choose accordingly based on the benefits, possible side-effects, etc.

Note: In addition to the tests mentioned above, make sure to ask for the reviews from the CBD oil users to know more on the same. It’s important to understand that your dosage is subjective and if you experience any side-effects or if there is no effect at all, you need to consult your doctor to get the dosage channelized accordingly.